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21st century car insurance quotes

21st Century is a national auto insurance company with a network of 50,000 independent agents. In this review, we've included a table comparing quotes from 21st Century with two major insurers, a sample of discounts offered by the company, and ratings from industry organizations and customer surveys.

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21st Century Auto Insurance Quote Comparisons

Below are sample quotes from 21st Century and comparisons to two other auto insurers, Esurance and Allstate, for five different profiles:

Driver Profile 21st Century Esurance Allstate
Married Couple (CA) $1,302 $1,509 $1,171
Married Couple (NJ) 2,361 2,092 2,112
Single Male, age 23 (NJ) 2,904 1,838 2,667
Single Female, age 23 (NJ) 1,145 668 1,571
Single Male, age 30 (NJ) 2,122 1,674 1,795
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Based on our sample data, quotes for 21st Century tend to be on the higher side compared to other major auto insurance companies. From the five profiles quoted, 21st Century's rates were highest for married couples in New Jersey, and single young males. Young 23 year old females could save 27% by going with 21st Century compared to Allstate, but the best rates for this profile came from Esurance (42% less compared to 21st Century). Rates can fluctuate at the profile and company level, however, which is why consumers should get quotes from several places to get the best auto insurance rates for themselves. 

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While these rates are higher than other industry leaders, we've collected some information on car insurance discounts that may be applied towards your 21st Century quote.

Review of 21st Century's Auto Insurance Policy & Coverage

21st Century's website has very little educational information and gears people more towards getting quotes. For more information, 21st Century's network of 50,000 independent agents would be a better source. The network offers a personal touch and face-to-face interaction that some consumers may find more helpful. 

Most policyholders surveyed rated their experience with this insurer below average. The value of the coverage to premiums paid, as well as satisfaction with agents and company representatives received low ratings. Sample rates for this company in New Jersey, for example, are higher than the state average, but the company does offer a variety of discounts. 

Pros Cons
Network of independent agents helps to provide a personal touch to the experience Quotes for 21st Century can be a bit higher vs other companies - check for discounts
Well-rated rental car experience by consumers Auto insurance premiums can increase at each renewal through no fault of the policyholders
  The claims adjustment process can take a few months, with frequent follow-ups required

Great Rental Car Experience and Access at 21st Century

One of the more higher-rated aspects of 21st Century is the rental car experience. Between Enterprise and Hertz, 21st Century policyholders have access to over 70% of the rental car supply and its preferred rates and direct billing - a great convenience for any driver in a bind. Insureds have the option of picking a car from other companies, but may have to wait for reimbursement. Note that Rental car coverage is an optional feature for $10 to $50 a day.

Other Payments and Claims Points

Of note is that there are no grace periods for late payments with 21st Century (except in Arizona, as required by law). Some customers have reported their insurance coverage to be cancelled without sufficient notice, which resulted in lapsed coverage, higher premiums, and state fines. 

Some insurers require that you report a claim within 48 hours of an accident or event to be covered, but with 21st Century, there are no statute of limitations. The company's policy is to provide an update or response within two business days, but motorists report that the claims process can take more than several weeks. Some insureds were dissatisfied with how long it took 21st Century to collect paperwork and investigate incidents.

21st Century Ratings

21st Century gets high marks for its financial strength and from the BBB, but on balance, the company has worse than average ratings as measured by complaints submitted to industry / regulatory organizations or feedback in consumer satisfaction surveys.

Metric Rating
AM Best Financial Strength Rating (2013) A
NAIC Complaint Index (2012) 1.04 (Slightly above Average)
JD Power Auto Insurance Experience Rating (2013) 2 / 5 (Below Average)
Complaint Ratio per Vehicle (NJ, 2012) 5 / 156,583 (Higher than Average)
Complaint Ratio per Vehicle (CA, 2011) 47 / 810,131 (Higher than Average)
Better Business Bureau Rating A+

21st Century Auto Insurance Discounts

This table below lists a couple of discounts that 21st Century provides its policyholders. Be sure to check if you're eligible for these savings with your 21st Century agent.

Type of Discount Max Percentage Discount*
Anti-Theft Devices 15%
Good Student 15%
Group Program Credit 9-14%
Mature Drivers Course 2%
Multi-Car Discount 6%
Persistency Credit 1%

*All data provided by the California Department of Insurance 2013 Automobile Premium Survey, as of Aug 2013

How to File a Claim with 21st Century

21st Century has a voice response system activated for their claims filing service. To get to a human at 21st Century, key in the following sequence, and then answer a few short prompts.

Phone Number: 888-244-6163

To speak to a Person: 

  • Press 3 for auto claims
  • Select 1 to indicate a glass-only claim, or 2 to file a new general
  • Were there any injuries? Press 1 to indicate Yes, or 2 to indicate No
  • Were any other cars involved in the accident? Press 1 to indicate Yes, or 2 to indicate No

Phone Number for Customer Service

To Speak to a Person: 877-310-5687

  • Press 1 for a new quote
  • Press 1 to indicate you have existing auto insurance, or 2 to indicate you don't have auto insurance

About 21st Century Insurance

21st Century Insurance is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Farmers Insurance Group. This insurer has been around for over 50 years. As part of the Farmers Insurance Group, they have written more than 20 million insurance policies nationwide through 50,000+ independent agents.

Information and data current as of Aug 2013


21st Century is proud to serve all of their customers from right here in America, and guarantee that any call made to them regarding your auto policy will be answered by a representative in the United States. Should a claim arise, 21st Century offers a flexible repair policy where you pick the repair shop of your choice. Their network of over 10,700 claims professionals are ready to help you and offer fast, hassle-free service.

In today’s modern world, they understand that 9-5 doesn’t fit most people’s lives anymore. That’s why policyholders get their own self-service portal, which is available 24/7, 365 days a year. In the portal, you can add or change drivers, e-sign your documents, enroll in automatic payments, and more. Check out the video below on how to use the 21st Century’s policy self-service portal:

21st Century Insurance has been saving their customers money on auto insurance for nearly 60 years, with an average annual savings of over $411 (average annual savings developed from information provided by new policyholders from 6/1/15 – 6/1/16 that shows they saved when switching to 21st Century Auto Insurance).

Policyholders can service their policy by downloading the 21st Century free mobile app. You can also view your policy information, pay a bill, and report a claim. With the 21st mobile app, you can view your ID card on your smartphone.

You can choose to add roadside assistance and rental reimbursement to your policy as an extra.  21st also offers the Guaranteed Repair Program, consisting of more than 2,200 repair shops nationwide to ensure quick and quality service.  Repairs at these shops are even guaranteed for as long as you own the car.

21st Century Discounts:

  • Multi-car: discounts available averaging 15%
  • Superior driver: A clean driving record for 4 years could get you a 10% discount and five clean years could save you 20%
  • Anti-Theft: If your car is eligible, you could save up to 15%
  • Good student: College students under 25 with B grades or better may qualify for 15% off their premium
  • Senior: Drivers over 55 years old can save by completing a state-recognized defensive driving course

21st Century Customer Reviews:

Money supermarket car insurance niagara

“21st is an auto insurance company that cares about their customer. They are very helpful and knowledgeable, and can answer all of your questions securely and professionally.” Charlie

Dollar a day car insurance in trenton nj restaurants

Online car insurance with printable sr22

“I was able to chat online with a customer service representative when I had a quick question. After signing up online I was able to print my insurance cards and my policy took effect that same night.” Jennifer

Average car insurance rates in massachusetts what age

Car tax lost insurance certificate

“They have been amazing. There is very little wait time and I can speak to a representative quickly.” Caitlin

My car was keyed will insurance cover it


21st Century Insurance Profile

21st Century Insurance is a U.S. insurance company writing direct auto insurance policies in every state and the District of Columbia. As a subsidiary of Farmers Insurance, 21st Century is part of one of the biggest insurance groups in the United States and one of the best-known insurance companies in the nation.

About 21st Century

21st Century insurance has been around since 1958, when it was founded in California. The company expanded into other states over the years, eventually serving customers across the nation, and was acquired first by AIG in 2005 and then by Farmers in 2009.

While Farmers sells through captive agents, 21st Century is a direct-buy insurance company offering a more affordable insurance option. They are a major competitor for direct-buy giant GEICO in the U.S., often using their marketing to make direct comparisons between their service and rates and those of GEICO.

Because 21st Century is a Farmers company, they use Farmers HelpPoint for claims service. They also offer various types of insurance policies outside of auto through the other companies in the Farmers Group.

21st Century Products

21st Century writes standard auto insurance aimed at budget-minded drivers. As a standard insurer, their best rates will be available to drivers with clean records who are considered to be low-risk.

21st Century writes all of the basic coverage options. They are a no-frills basic insurance company that doesn’t offer a lot of gimmicks or add-ons. They do include a 24-hour roadside assistance service with all of their policies at no extra charge, something that is normally an extra cost added to an insurance policy.

While 21st Century advertises other insurance products on their website, these are all underwritten by other Farmers companies. 21st Century offers coverage for specialty vehicles including boats, ATVs, and motorcycles through Foremost, another company in the group.

21st Century’s Reputation

21st Century is generally viewed as a relatively low-cost insurance company, but still a step up from some of the cut-rate choices aimed at high-risk drivers. Since their acquisition by Farmers they have a stronger financial backing, but also share some of Farmers less than stellar reputation. Both companies ranked below average in claims satisfaction in 2014, according to J.D. Power.

21st Century faces a lot of criticism in online review forums for raising rates after an accident; the company is not geared towards offering low rates to higher-risk drivers.

Quoting with 21st Century

21st Century Insurance provides quotes online as well as over the phone, and as a direct-buy insurer policies can also be issued quickly and easily.

Online quoting makes it easier for consumers to generate quotes quickly and compare them to other companies in order to get the best deal on their insurance. 21st Century is one of the most affordable insurance companies in the U.S. Currently 21st Century products aren’t available in Canada, as Farmers Insurance has not crossed the border. It is possible Farmers may join other major U.S insurance companies in offering products in Canada in the future.

Will 21st Century Come to Canada?

While there are no expansion plans at this time for 21st Century to enter the Canadian insurance market, they are part of an enormous insurance group that is among those more likely to come north at some point.


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