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Car insurance company er diagram tool

er diagram example

Some er diagram example :

Question 1 : Suppose you are given the following requirements for a simple database for the National Hockey League (NHL):

  • the NHL has many teams,
  • each team has a name, a city, a coach, a captain, and a set of players,
  • each player belongs to only one team,
  • each player has a name, a position (such as left wing or goalie), a skill level, and a set of injury records,
  • a team captain is also a player,
  • a game is played between two teams (referred to as host_team and guest_team) and has a date (such as May 11th, 1999) and a score (such as 4 to 2).

Construct a clean and concise ER diagram for the NHL database.

Answer :

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Question 2: A university registrar’s office maintains data about the following entities:

  1. courses, including number, title, credits, syllabus, and prerequisites;
  2. course offerings, including course number, year, semester, section number, instructor(s), timings, and classroom;
  3. students, including student-id, name, and program;
  4. instructors, including identication number, name, department, and title.

Further, the enrollment of students in courses and grades awarded to students in each course they are enrolled for must be appropriately modeled. Construct an E-R diagram for the registrar’s ofce.Document all assumptions that you make about the mapping constraints.

Answer :

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Question 3:
(a) Construct an E-R diagram for a car-insurance company whose customers own one or more cars each. Each car has associated with it zero to any number of recorded accidents.

Answer :

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(b) Construct appropriate tables for the above ER Diagram ?

Car insurance tables: person (driver-id, name, address) car (license, year,model) accident (report-number, date, location) participated(driver-id, license, report-number, damage-amount)

Question 4:
(a) Construct an E-R diagram for a hospital with a set of patients and a set of medical doctors. Associate with each patient a log of the various tests and examinations conducted.

Answer :

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(b) Construct appropriate tables for the above ER Diagram :

Patient(SS#, name, insurance) Physician ( name, specialization) Test-log( SS#, test-name, date, time) Doctor-patient (physician-name, SS#) Patient-history(SS#, test-name, date)

Question 5: Consider a database used to record the marks that students get in different exams of different course offerings.
a) Construct an E-R diagram that models exams as entities, and uses a ternary relationship, for the above database.

Answer a :

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b) Construct an alternative E-R diagram that uses only a binary relationship between students and course-offerings. Make sure that only one relationship exists between a particular student and course-offering pair, yet you can represent the marks that a student gets in different exams of a course offering.

Answer b:

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Question 6: Design an E-R diagram for keeping track of the exploits of your favorite sports team. You should store the matches played, the scores in each match, the players in each match and individual player statistics for each match. Summary statistics should be modeled as derived attributes.

Answer :

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Question 7 :Extend the E-R diagram of the previous question to track the same information for all teams in a league.

Answer :

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Question 8 : Draw the E-R diagram which models an online bookstore.
Answer :

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Question 9 : Consider a university database for the scheduling of classrooms for final exams. This database could be modeled as the single entity set exam, with attributes course-name, section-number, room-number, and time. Alternatively, one or more additional entity sets could be defined, along with relationship sets to replace some of the attributes of the exam entity set, as

  •  course with attributes name, department, and c-number
  •  section with attributes s-number and enrollment, and dependent as a weak entity set on course
  •  room with attributes r-number, capacity, and building

Show an E-R diagram illustrating the use of all three additional entity sets listed.

Answer :

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Question 10 : Construct an ER Diagram for Company having following details :

  • Company organized into DEPARTMENT. Each department has unique name and a particular employee who  manages the department. Start date for the manager is recorded. Department may have several locations.
  • A department controls a number of PROJECT. Projects have a unique name, number and a single location.
  • Company’s EMPLOYEE name, ssno, address, salary, sex and birth date are recorded. An employee is assigned to one department, but may work for several projects (not necessarily controlled by her dept). Number of hours/week an employee works on each project is recorded; The immediate supervisor for the employee.
  • Employee’s DEPENDENT are tracked for health insurance purposes (dependent name, birthdate, relationship to employee).

Answer :

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Lecture Slides available: PDF PowerPoint

Tutorial - ER Diagram Examples 3-5


  • Example 3
  • Example 4
  • Example 5

Example 3

A database is to be designed for a Car Rental Co. (CRC). The information required includes a description of cars, subcontractors (i.e. garages), company expenditures, company revenues and customers. Cars are to be described by such data as: make, model, year of production, engine size, fuel type, number of passengers, registration number, purchase price, purchase date, rent price and insurance details. It is the company policy not to keep any car for a period exceeding one year. All major repairs and maintenance are done by subcontractors (i.e. franchised garages), with whom CRC has long-term agreements. Therefore the data about garages to be kept in the database includes garage names, addressees, range of services and the like. Some garages require payments immediately after a repair has been made; with others CRC has made arrangements for credit facilities. Company expenditures are to be registered for all outgoings connected with purchases, repairs, maintenance, insurance etc. Similarly the cash inflow coming from all sources - car hire, car sales, insurance claims - must be kept of file.CRC maintains a reasonably stable client base. For this privileged category of customers special credit card facilities are provided. These customers may also book in advance a particular car. These reservations can be made for any period of time up to one month. Casual customers must pay a deposit for an estimated time of rental, unless they wish to pay by credit card. All major credit cards care accepted. Personal details (such as name, address, telephone number, driving licence, number) about each customer are kept in the database.

Example 4

A database is to be designed for a college to monitor students' progress throughout their course of study. The students are reading for a degree (such as BA, BA(Hons) MSc, etc) within the framework of the modular system. The college provides a number of module, each being characterised by its code , title, credit value, module leader, teaching staff and the department they come from. A module is co-ordinated by a module leader who shares teaching duties with one or more lecturers. A lecturer may teach (and be a module leader for) more than one module. Students are free to choose any module they wish but the following rules must be observed: some modules require pre-requisites modules and some degree programmes have compulsory modules. The database is also to contain some information about students including their numbers, names, addresses, degrees they read for, and their past performance (i.e. modules taken and examination results).

Example 5

A relational database is to be designed for a medium sized Company dealing with industrial applications of computers. The Company delivers various products to its customers ranging from a single application program through to complete installation of hardware with customized software. The Company employs various experts, consultants and supporting staff. All personnel are employed on long-term basis, i.e. there are no short-term or temporary staff. Although the Company is somehow structured for administrative purposes (that is, it is divided into departments headed by department managers) all projects are carried out in an inter-disciplinary way. For each project a project team is selected, grouping employees from different departments, and a Project Manager (also an employee of the Company) is appointed who is entirely and exclusively responsible for the control of the project, quite independently of the Company's hierarchy. The following is a brief statement of some facts and policies adopted by the Company.

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                                                                INSURANCE COMPANY

Design  a database for insurance company.Asume that following are the requirements that were collected:

An insurance company has different policies.Policies have pno,term_price and coverage.

Policies are categorized based on their types.There are two types:Auto_policy and Home_policy.

Policies for vehicles come under Auto policy.Auto_policy has pno,vehicle type and issue date.

Policies for house come under home policy.Home_policy has pno,issue date and term_price.

Customers take policies policy through policy agent.A customer can take only one policy .











1)Policy: pno

2)Auto_policy: polno



5)Vehicle: vehicle_no

6)Customer: custid











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