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Car insurance for young male drivers cheaptickets

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  • Young men will always pay more for car insurance than any other age and gender bracket
  • One of the cheapest options is to be added onto a parent’s existing policy
  • Certain discounts, like good student and safe driver, are still available to young men
As a young man, it is difficult to find cheap car insurance. Young male drivers aren’t known for their competent driving and are the number one cause of accidents in the United States today.

For many young men today, the idea of paying more for their car insurance because of their age and gender seems ludicrous.

Even though there are many fine young male drivers on the roads, there are enough not-so-great ones that create a high-risk pool for any male under the age of 25.

That is why it is so important to shop around for car insurance to make sure that you are getting the lowest rates possible. Enter your zip code now to compare car insurance rates online!

Young Male Drivers Save More on Their Parent’s Policy

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To find cheap car insurance, young male drivers may benefit more from being added onto their parents’ auto insurance policy than by striking out on their own. If you are a teen or you are in college, then your parents may find that it is convenient for you to remain on their policy.

There are some things to consider:

  • Once you add a teen or young adult to your policy, you will find that your insurance rates could double or even triple.
  • In order to keep your rates lower, you need to purchase a separate car for your teen, or have them buy one of their own, and simply add that car to your policy rather than adding your teen as a secondary driver onto your vehicle.

This really only applies if you have financed your vehicle because paying for comprehensive and collision coverage for a vehicle that has a teen driver on it will make your costs skyrocket.

If you buy your teen an inexpensive vehicle that you don’t finance, you will save a great deal of money by only paying for liability insurance for your teen.

This is the only way you are likely to find cheap car insurance. Young male drivers simply don’t qualify for the deep discounts that you get as you become a more seasoned driver.

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Young Male Drivers Qualify for their Own Discounts

Fortunately, young male drivers can qualify for certain discounts of their own. It is important to take advantage of every discount possible, so find companies that offer discounts for:

  • Completion of Ssafety driving courses
  • Completion of driver’s education
  • Students enrolled in college
  • Students with good grades

If you want to save money on your car insurance, you need to show the insurance companies that you are serious about safe driving.

When you take safety courses and are conscientious about your grades, the insurance company sees you as less of a risk. This translates into lower rates for you!

Young Male Drivers Benefit from Shopping Around

Aa car insurance payments number 1Shopping around is the best way to find cheap car insurance. As a young male, you may have to pay more for car insurance than an older man, but that doesn’t mean that you have to settle. You should get a quote from your parents’ company, but you need to shop around to other companies as well.

Using our free quote tool is the easiest way to do this. You can enter your information right now and get instant quotes. Enter your zip code and start comparing car insurance quotes today!

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Car insurance for young male drivers

It’s an unfortunate fact that young male drivers have more serious crashes than their female friends.

Often this can be linked to overconfidence. Although being a confident driver is a good thing, it’s important to realise that passing the driving test isn’t a badge of excellence. It’s really only the beginning of the learning you have to do by yourself.

Best car and home insurance ratesJerneh car insurance panel workshop tnb

Reported killed or seriously injured casualties by gender, road user type and age

Young male drivers statistically crashing more used to mean girls got cheaper insurance than they did, but the European Court of Justice put a stop to that a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, that didn’t necessarily make car insurance for young male drivers cheaper - it just put a stop to automatically lower premiums for being female.

But what if you’re not like the others?

Just because some young male drivers choose to drive dangerously doesn’t mean you do, so we don’t think you should be judged on a statistic. With black box insurance, you pay for your insurance based on how you actually drive.

Car insurance jamaica wildlifeCar insurance companies compare By choosing ingenie car insurance I saved over £500 from the next cheapest quote. Getting discounts on my insurance if I drive well means I’ll save money, and this is extremely important being a student and getting ready to go to university.

Alfie, 19
ingenie driver

How to save money on your insurance if you’re a young male driver

  1. Choose the right car Don’t aim to own your ideal car the minute you pass your test. Insurance costs reflect things like engine size, desirability and current market value so your favourite car probably won’t be cheap to insure. Picking a car from a low insurance group is one of the best ways to keep your insurance costs down. But don’t worry, that doesn’t have to mean it’s lame - check out our top 10 cars for young drivers.
  2. Avoid modifications Lots of insurers won’t cover cars that have any modifications and even those that do will usually charge you more. Modifications are any changes to the car after it left the factory - like tinted windows, spoilers, upgraded stereos and sports exhausts. You can find out more about how modifications affect your insurance in the Young Driver’s Guide.
  3. Go for black box insurance You know how you drive but insurers don’t - yet! With a black box in your car, you can show exactly how you make decisions about speed, acceleration, braking and cornering. We don’t have curfews, so it really is all about how you drive. If you drive well, you’ll get discounts. ingenie gives you the chance to earn up to an extra 21% off your starting price, with discounts awarded 3 times a year. If you’re a young male driver, that makes your insurance much more affordable and means you don’t have to wait a whole year to see the benefit of driving well.

Cars most popular with young male drivers


Typically, locating inexpensive vehicle Insurance For Young Male Drivers coverage for young drivers is not a very easy activity. A vehicle insurance plan is required for drivers of every age group. In case of a crash, the insurance coverage can not only secure you, but also the other passengers that might be riding in your vehicle. Auto insurance policy covers you, your car and other people involved if a mishap takes place. It secures you from the economic liabilities developing out of the accident, at the fairly little price of paying monthly fees to keep the insurance policy. For a young driver, getting inexpensive vehicle Driver Insurance coverage may appear to be a difficult procedure. It is not difficult to find inexpensive auto insurance coverage for young drivers. Check out INSURANCE FOR YOUNG MALE DRIVERS. The insurance coverage price can be decreased by lowering your risk profiles and various other factors that may run versus you. Students with excellent grades likewise are a lot more likely to obtain reduced rates since this offers as a sign for insurance coverage companies that you have more self-discipline and responsibility which translates to lower likelihood of negligent driving. For younger drivers, who haven't had the opportunity to develop a driving record, taking protective driving courses and effectively completing them would certainly certify for a reduced rate since this shows to the insurance coverage companies that you are taking the responsibility of driving safely. While buying YOUNG DRIVER INSURANCE quotes, consistently ask great deals of inquiries about the www.themoneylion.co.uk/insurancequotes/lif … estyle/youngdriverinsurance policy and the markdowns available.

Contrasting the insurance quotes online is also an excellent way to better understand how to get cost effective insurance. Automobile insurance coverage companies usually provide various rates for a similar insurance coverage and you will certainly find that the time invested to obtain numerous insurance policy quotes will certainly helping you notably in locating the most affordable valued insurance coverage with the most effective protection. Inevitably, if you explore well on on-line insurance coverage quotes from different insurance policy companies, and could reveal the insurance coverage firms that you have a reduced risk profile, there is no reason you could not acquire cheap vehicle insurance coverage for young drivers with the ideal protection alternatives. A some effort and time in research can conserve you hundreds of bucks yearly. Q: What is the finest Kentucky vehicle Click Here policy for a new driver? I just obtained my license and my moms and dads do not wish to include me to their insurance policy. A: Unfortunately as a young driver the most effective Kentucky automobile insurance coverage you'll be able to purchase will still set you back more than it would certainly for a driver with additional encounter. Due to the fact that data show teen drivers are more likely to be included in an automobile mishap, all brand-new drivers are experienced with greater insurance costs. All drivers in Kentucky are required to acquire auto insurance policy that will certainly cover a minimum of $60,000 bucks per crash.

You must additionally keep evidence of insurance in your automobile whatsoever times or run the risk of a fine and possible loss of permit. The very best vehicle insurance alternative will come down to just what you can pay for. I understand your moms and dad's unwillingness to add you to their Insurance For Young Male Drivers coverage policy, yet they could not realize that since you are a minor they could in charge of any type of accident you are entailed in if you do not have more than enough insurance policy protection. , if they take this into consideration it could really be much less pricey and supply even more protection for their properties if they do add you to their policy. . We highly advise that you take the time to shop prices on-line by reviewing quotes from several various automobile insurance coverage providers. Excellent good fortune with your search for auto insurance policy!


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