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People arrested in Pahrump, Nevada, are booked at the Nye County Detention Center-Southern Area Sub Station (Pahrump Jail). Typical charges for inmates incarcerated there include the Nevada crime of DUI, the Nevada crime of battery domestic violence, or the Nevada crime of shoplifting.

The Pahrump Jail is a relatively new facility with 224 beds. Click on a topic below for more information about the Nye County Detention Center:

1. Address and contact information for Pahrump Jail 2. Locating an inmate at the Pahrump Jail 3. Bailing out an inmate at the Pahrump Jail 4. Visiting an inmate at the Pahrump Jail 5. Phoning an inmate at the Pahrump Jail 6. Sending mail to an inmate at the Pahrump Jail 7. Transferring funds to an inmate at the Pahrump Jail 8.Releasing property from an inmate at the Pahrump Jail

1. The Address and Phone Number for Nye County Detention Center

The Pahrump Detention Center is located at 1521 E. Siri Lane, Pahrump, NV 89060.

The Pahrump Jail's primary telephone number is (775) 751-7027, and the fax number is (775) 751-4233.

2. Locating a person in custody at Nye County Detention Center

TO SEE IF AN INMATE IS IN THE NYE COUNTY DETENTION CENTER CLICK HERE. (You will need to create an account and then search by last name). The public may call the jail at (775) 751-7027 at any time to ask if someone in particular is incarcerated there.

3. How to bail out a person in custody at Nye County Detention Center

If an inmate is granted a cash bond by the court and is able to post the bond amount, Detention Center staff can receipt the bond payment. If someone outside the Detention Center is posting the bond, they can do this at the Clerk of Courts on Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm. (The Pahrump Court is located at 1520 E. Basin Avenue, Pahrump, NV 89060.) Persons wishing to post a bond outside of those days and hours may use the Inmate Canteen Kiosk, an automated system for accessing inmate accounts (located in the  lobby of the Detention Center). The system accepts both cash and credit cards. After posting bond through this Kiosk the individual must notify Detention Staff that the bail has been posted.

Read more about the Nevada bail process. For more information about how to bail out an inmate from the Pahrump Jail, read our article on how to bail out an inmate at the Pahrump jail.

4. Visiting a person in custody at Nye County Detention Center

To visit an inmate in the Detention Center go to www.inmatecanteen.com or come to the lobby of the Detention Center and use the kiosks there. Public visits take place anytime the inmate is not on lockdown. Visits with family and friends are not contact visits--they are done through the kiosks. There is no privacy and the videos may be recorded, so no one should say anything about the case. Call the jail at (775) 751-7027 for more information.

5. Phoning a person in custody at Nye County Detention Center

Inmates at Pahrump Jail may not receive phone calls. However, they may place outgoing collect calls or buy phone time with money on their commissary accounts. Phone calls are typically made between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Phone calls are recorded.

6. Sending mail to a person in custody at Nye County Detention Center

People incarcerated at the Pahrump Jail are allowed to receive letters, but they may be opened by staff. They should be addressed to:

Nye County Detention Center
1521 E. Siri Lane
Pahrump, NV 89060

People may call the Pahrump Jail at (775) 751-7027 to get the inmate's "in custody number." See here for more information about mailing rules.

7. Transferring funds to a person in custody at Nye County Detention Center

There are three ways to put money on an inmate's books at the Pahrump Jail:

  • In person: People may bring cash to the jail at 1521 E. Siri Lane, Pahrump, NV 89060 during visiting hours.
  • Online: People can put money on an inmate's commissary account at Inmate Canteen.
  • By mail: Money, checks or money orders enclosed with incoming mail will be placed in the inmate's account.

People in custody at the Pahrump Jail normally use the money in their accounts to purchase personal items at the commissary such as stationary, snacks, calling cards, and toiletries.

8. Releasing property from a person in custody at Nye County Detention Center

When a person is arrested in Pahrump, police confiscate the property on his/her person such as keys, wallet, and their car. Arrestees may release this property to outside persons if both parties fill out a form agreeing to the release. Property not picked up within 30 days is considered abandoned. Call the jail at (775) 751-7027 for more information.

Arrested in Pahrump? There is help…

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For more information about Nye County Criminal Defense Lawyers, go to our article on Nye County Criminal Defense Lawyers.











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