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Our latest round-up of what food and drink is on special offer at the moment at the UK's biggest supermarkets.

Here are this week's best deals and offers from the big supermarkets.

All stores are listed alphabetically.


Aldi's Super 6 fruit and veg includes a range of items available for 45p this week. Pick up avocado (reduced from 95p), lemons (down from £1.09), onions (58p per kg), mixed chillies (57p), garlic (85p) and cut coriander/parsley (65p).

Aldi’s Super 6 meat and fish selection includes:

  • Smoked pancetta for £1.69;
  • Outdoor bred pulled pork sausages which are £1.79;
  • Ready to cook Cajun chicken fillets, down to £2.09 from £2.49;
  • Wagyu beef meatballs which are £3.49;
  • Chicken breast fillet pack for £9.99 (£5.55 per kg);
  • Ready to cook gammon with honey which is 60p cheaper at £3.39.

Elsewhere in-store, don’t miss out on a steal where eight Cumberland sausages are 85p (£1.87 per kg).

Two Danish unsmoked gammon steaks (250g) are just £1.49.

Or you could pick up two Scotch lamb leg steaks (250g) for £2.75.

But if you fancy fish this week, The Fishmonger kiln roasted salmon fillets (185g) are £3.59.

Need a little inspiration for feeding the kids? Stock up on plain breaded chicken goujons (270g) for only £1.39.

Have you tried cooking with coconut oil? It’s worth a go! Coco Loco coconut oil is on offer at £2.49 (83p per 100ml).

Specially Selected chunky oven chips (1.5kg) are £1.95.

Find more deals on the Aldi website

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There’s £2 knocked off the price of Sharp’s Doom Bar Exceptional Amber ale (6x500ml) at £8.

Oreo Originals (154g) are half price at 50p for all the cookie fans.

Save 50p on Asda Extra Special four seasoned beef burgers (454g) at £2.50.

Or if you’re looking for the perfect Sunday roast joint, Asda Extra Special 28-day matured beef joint (typically 1kg) is down to £8.50 per kg from £12 per kg.

Activia fat free strawberry, raspberry, cherry and forest fruits yoghurts (8x125g) are 90p cheaper at £2.

If you like to start your morning with some apple juice, Copella cloudy apple juice (900ml) is down to £1 from £1.98.

Stock up on Asda garlic bread (530g) and save yourself 50p at £1.

There’s 90p knocked off the price of Clover spread (1kg) and Clover light spread (1kg) at £2.

Make the most of the most important meal of the day with Quaker Oat So Simple Golden Syrup porridge (20x36g) at £3, instead of £3.98.

McVitie’s Hobnobs milk chocolate & coconut oaty snack bars (6x30g) have 80p knocked off the price at £1.

Find more deals on the Asda website

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Iceland’s 7-day deal is Richmond The Family classic eight thick pork sausages (454g) which are down to the super-low price of 95p from £2.

Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream (500ml) is half price at £2.50.

Do you love Uncle Ben’s? You could pick up a pack of classic long grain rice (250g) for 70p cheaper at £1.

Walkers ready salted crisps (6x25g) have 50p knocked off the price at £1.

Young's Gastro two tempura battered crispy lemon & herb basa fillets (320g) are half price at £2.

It’s nearly BBQ season! You could grab a pack of The Butcher's Market beef, chilli & lime kebabs (200g) for £2, reduced from £2.29.

If you like to enjoy a little decadence at breakfast time, Borg Bakery all butter French croissants (6x60g) were £2.25, but are now £2.

Who doesn’t love a chocolate yoghurt when you’re in need of a sugar fix? Nestlé Rolo (4 x70g, 280g) and Milkybar smooth and creamy white chocolate dessert (4x70g, 280g) are 50p cheaper at £1.

Anchor Original Butter Co. spreadable (500g) has £1 shaved off the price at £2.

Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes cereal (500g) and Kellogg's Krave chocolate hazelnut (375g) are half price at £1.34.

Find more deals on the Iceland website

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Lidl's Pick of the Week features four assorted fruit and veg for 69p. This week you can pick up 500g of Oaklands lemons (reduced from 95p), 250g of Oaklands spinach (down from £1.19), 200g of Oaklands British curly kale (89p) and 200g of Oaklands garlic (85p).

Lidl's also has a selection of meat and fish offers available:

  • Chef Select Hunter’s chicken with cheese & bacon (432g) was £2.99 but is now £2.25;
  • Birchwood Farm/Strathvale Farm 12 beef meatballs (360g) are 40p cheaper at £1.29;
  • Two Deluxe melt in the middle fishcakes (290g) have 50p knocked off the price at £1.39;
  • Warren & Sons two gammon steaks (350g) are down to £1.29 from £1.69.

Don’t miss out on Lidl’s Super Weekend offers:

  • Syrah Grenache Rosé (75cl) is £2 cheaper at £2.99;
  • Valley Spire family pack of mature cheddar (830g) is down to £1.99 from £3.79 — now that’s an offer!

And don't miss out on Lidl's While Stocks Last offers:

  • Birchwood Farm four smoky BBQ chicken mini fillet skewers (230g) are £2.99;
  • Birchwood Farm four minted lamb burgers (454g) are £2.49;
  • Birchwood Farm two peppered beef grillsteaks (340g) are £1.99.

It’s Greek Week this week at Lidl, and there’s a lot of Greek food and drink to enjoy:

  • Eridanous breaded Greek-style soft cheese (350g) is £1.75;
  • Eridanous Cypriot halloumi (225g) is £1.49;
  • If you need a little dip, Eridanous Tzatziki (250g) is £1.29;
  • Stock up on Gyro with an Eridanous Gyros rice dish (750g) for £1.99;
  • Fancy some Greek party food? Eridanous spinach pastry puffs (1kg) are only £2.79;
  • Eridanous two sea bass fillets (200g) are £2.99;
  • Pick up some Eridanous Greek extra-virgin olive oil (750ml) to drizzle over your salad for £3.99;
  • And a Greek party wouldn’t be complete without some baklava! Eridanous baklava (390g) is available for £2.99;
  • But if you want something to really knock your socks off, pick up a bottle of Zachos Ouzo (70cl) for £12.99. We’re sure you’ve heard the stories.

Find more deals on the Lidl website

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Save £1.21 on Innocent apple & berry family size juice (1.35L) at £2.

There’s 50p knocked off the price of Birds Eye 10 cod fish fingers (280g) at £2.

Russian Standard vodka (1L) is £3 cheaper at £16.

Stock up on peas thanks to Birds Eye petit pois (1.05kg) for £2.50, reduced from £3.27.

There’s always the need for cheese at some point, so why not pick up a pack of Cathedral City mature cheddar (550g)? It's £3 less at £2.50.

Gin martini shaken not stirred, anyone? Bombay London dry gin (1L) is £4 cheaper at £16.

Or if whisky is more your tipple, Laphroiag Select Whisky 40% (70cl) is down to £27 from £33.

Fire & Smoke sweet heat bacon (200g) was £2.58, but is now £2.25.

If you need a little caffeine, Nescafe Azera Espresso instant coffee is £1.50 cheaper at £4.

Kellogg's strawberry Special K Biscuit Moments (5x25g) are almost a quid cheaper at £1, reduced from £1.92.

Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc (75cl) is £2.75 cheaper at £7.

Save £3 on Gerard Bertrand Les Aspres Reserve (75cl) at £7.

There’s 50p knocked off the price of Morrisons cold water prawns (200g) at £2.76.

Can you resist a giant Yorkshire Pudding? We can’t either! Morrisons The Best filled Yorkshire Pudding with British beef and ale gravy (400g) is down to £3 from £3.60.

Find more deals on the Morrisons website

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There’s triple trouble with this offer! McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes triple pack (36pk) is half price at £1.59.

Bombay Sapphire gin (70cl) had £4 knocked off the price at £17.

Save 25% on two Waitrose butterflied sea bass with tomato & olive at £5.99, reduced from £7.99.

Chicken dinner tonight? Ocado chicken crown with salt & pepper (700g) is 20% off at £4.40, down from £5.50.

Birds Eye 14 frozen fish fingers (350g) are half price at £1.40.

Pure Irish Organic beef steak mince 15% fat (400g) is down to £3.75 from £5.

Are you looking for an alternative to bread or crisps? Ryvita Deli pumpkin & oats (200g) has 59p shaved off the price at £1.

Save 20% on Charlie Bingham’s two salmon en croutes (450g) at £5.19, reduced from £6.49.

McCain Gorgeous frozen roast potatoes (550g) are £1 cheaper at £2.

If you’re doing some baking this week, Ella Valentine large baking eggs (6pk) are 25% off at £1.19.

Making a spag bol? Napolina chopped tomatoes (6x400g) are down to £3 from £4.50.

Jacob’s Mini Cheddars (18x25g) are half price at £1.99.

Save 1/3 off the price on Nutiva organic virgin coconut oil (858ml) at £11.99, reduced from £17.99.

But if you’re in the mood for beef burgers, enjoy this steal of a deal with Eden four mega burgers (680g) which are also half price at £3.

Segura Viudas Lavit Brut Cava (75cl) is 1/3 off at £8.99, reduced from £13.49.

Find more deals on the Ocado website

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Save £1.50 on Campo Viejo Rioja Tempranillo (75cl) at £6.50.

If you’re a pizza fan, Pizza Express margherita pizza (245g) is £1.75 cheaper at £2.50. You can’t beat a classic after all!

Enjoy some bubbles with Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Conegliano Prosecco (75cl) at £8, reduced from £10.

Nestle Cheerios cereal (600g) is £1.20 cheaper at £2.

Bombay Sapphire gin (1L) will save you £6 this week at £20.

Who said you need a joint of meat to enjoy a roast? Quorn family roast (454g) is £1 cheaper at £2.

Cuppa, anyone? Tetley Everyday tea bags, softpack (160) will leave you £1 better off at £3.25.

Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise (800g) was £3, but is now £2.

Innocent smooth orange juice (1.35L) is down to £2 from £3.

Find more deals on the Sainsbury’s website

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Ben & Jerry’s Topped Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough ice cream (470ml) is £1.80 cheaper at £3.

Save £1.99 on Nescafe Azera Americano instant coffee (100g) at £3.

Whisky deal alert! Talisker Skye Single Malt Scotch Whisky (70cl) is £14 cheaper at £25. You won’t want to miss it.

Tropicana Extra Juicy Bits orange juice (1.6L) and Tropicana Smooth orange juice (1.6L) are down to £2 from £3.50.

If you’re looking for a milk alternative, Good Hemp longlife alternative (1L) is 40p cheaper at £1.10.

Save £2 per kg on Tesco counter British beef sirloin, now £15.50 per kg.

Heck chicken 10 Italia sausages (340g) are £1 cheaper at £2.

Stop those cheese cravings with The Laughing Cow Mini Cravings (mixed,125g) which are now half price at £1.

Oykos Whip & Mix blueberry yoghurt (4x92g) is half price at £1.25.

Fishmonger cooked mussels (580g) are £1 cheaper at £3.

Find more deals on the Tesco website

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Moma Bircher Muesli raspberry & coconut (400g) is 25% off at £2.69, reduced from £3.59.

If you add two Alpro Soya simply plain plant-based alternative to yogurt (500g) for £1.50 you’ll get the second half price!

There’s an online offer at Waitrose this week, and you can pick up five packs of frozen fish for £10! You could get:

  • Waitrose two MSC frozen smoked haddock fish cakes (230g) for £2.99;
  • Waitrose MSC frozen cod with cheddar, leek and mustard sauce (320g) for £2.99;
  • Waitrose two MSC frozen mild & delicate lightly dusted cod (230g) for £3.15;
  • Waitrose Frozen two breaded plaice fillets (280g) for £3.15;
  • Waitrose Frozen six MSC line caught chunky breaded haddock fingers (330g) for £3.25.

Elsewhere in-store you could pick up four easy dinner ingredients for the price of three! Included in the offer is:

  • essential Waitrose tomato and mascarpone sauce (350g) for £1.60;
  • essential Waitrose fresh pasta linguine (500g) for £1.70;
  • essential Waitrose spinach & ricotta fresh pasta tortelloni (300g) for £1.90;
  • essential Waitrose gnocchi (500g) at £1.70;
  • essential Waitrose limoncello dessert (2x95g) for £1.50;
  • essential Waitrose tomato and chilli sauce (350g) for £1.60;
  • Waitrose watercress, rocket & spinach salad (130g) at £2;
  • essential Waitrose Italian tiramisu (2x90g) for £1.50.

This week at Waitrose, you could tuck into a ‘Joy of Asia’ meal deal for £10. The offer includes two mains and three sides, and you could choose from:

  • Mains – Waitrose butter chicken (350g); Waitrose chicken chow mein (400g); Waitrose chicken with cashew nuts (350g); Waitrose sweet & sour chicken in batter (420g).
  • Sides – Waitrose four vegetable samosas (232g); Waitrose spinach dal (300g); Waitrose 6 vegetable spring rolls (216g); Waitrose tarka dal (300g).

And a special deal this week offers you 20% off speciality beers:

  • Leffe Belgian beer blonde (75cl) is down to £2.39 from £2.99;
  • Camden pale ale (330ml) was £1.99, but is now £1.59;
  • Erdinger Weißbier (50cl) is £1.43 instead of £1.80;
  • Harviestoun Schiehallion (330ml) is down to £1.43 from £1.79;
  • Uprising Treason West Coast IPA (330ml) is 40p cheaper at £1.59;
  • Einstok White Ale (330ml) was £2.09, but is now £1.67.

Find more deals on the Waitrose website


Who is selling the cheapest World Cup beer?

By Sean Poulter for the Daily Mail
Updated: 08:52 BST, 5 May 2010



Supermarkets have launched a 'kamikaze' price war ahead of the World Cup that is slashing the price of beer to less than 50p a pint. So who is cheapest?

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It's coming home: Drinkers buy most of their booze in supermarkets to drink at home.

Asda cut the price of cases of bitter, lager and cider ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend to just £9. Tesco and Sainsbury's ran similar deals.

The price cuts have fuelled concerns over excessive drinking. Doctors, the police and politicians from all parties have condemned supermarkets for selling drink at below cost, and furious publicans and pub companies claim the tactic is driving them out of business.

Asda was selling a case of 24 cans of Boddingtons bitter last week for just £9, while there was a similar deal on Blackthorn Cider. That equates to 48p a pint - less than a fifth of what drinkers pay in a pub.

It also means the beer is cheaper than water, with a 750ml bottle of San Pellegrino selling at the equivalent of 73p a pint. Supermarkets-also offer their own-label alcohol, which is even cheaper. Tesco's low-alcohol Value Lager sells at 29p a pint.

Tesco, which is England's official World Cup supermarket, sold cases of big-brand beer for £10. Sainsbury's sold £9 cases of 15 cans of Foster's and Carling.

The cheap booze is not to everyone's taste, however, and brewers have claimed the supermarkets have been handed an unfair advantage over other sellers.

Pub companies are effectively barred from selling drink at below cost, but the same rules do not apply to supermarkets. Industry sources say supermarkets are losing up to £6 on every case of beer they sell for £9.

The chief executive of pub owners Mitchells & Butler, Adam Fowle, said: 'Today, 70% of all alcohol is purchased in supermarkets. We are urging policy makers to implement measures to raise supermarkets to the higher standards of social responsibility in alcohol retailing which are already expected of pubs.'

The sales director of a lager firm told The Grocer magazine: 'I've been in the beer industry for 37 years and cannot remember such ruthless, kamikaze trading.'

And the director of a beer company told The Publican magazine: 'It is reaching quite ludicrous levels. This is still two months before the World Cup so it will probably lead to deals of two crates for £16 by the time it starts.'

The Conservatives and the Lib-Dems say they will ban below-cost selling of alcohol by supermarkets, but the British Retail Consortium says supermarkets are not to blame for rising drunkenness.

A spokesman said: 'Irresponsible drinking is not about price, it's a cultural issue.'

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Tesco sells lager at below cost

By Neil Craven for The Mail on Sunday
Updated: 04:17 BST, 27 June 2010



Tesco has emerged as the only supermarket to be 'caught' pricing its alcohol below cost since calling on the Government to outlaw the practice only a month ago.

According to research compiled for Financial Mail, the supermarket sold Stella Artois lager at 6p below the cost of tax and excise duty alone, the day after saying below-cost sales should be banned.

It was also selling 24 cans for £10 in a promotion the weekend before it made its plea, according to market research firm Assosia.

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Low cost: Research for Financial Mail found Tesco was selling Stella Artois lager at 6p below the cost of tax and excise duty alone

The revelation will come as an embarrassment to Sir Terry Leahy as he prepares to attend his final annual general meeting on Friday in London. Tesco has argued that it is forced to lower prices because of ever more aggressive price cuts by rivals.

The scale of the discounting is even greater if production costs are included. However, these are top-secret, known only to Tesco's alcohol buyers and its suppliers.

According to industry magazine The Grocer, which has monitored the heated World cup price war between Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrisons, alcohol promotions are often below cost.

It cites a senior drinks supplier who claimed lager promotions were on average 60p a litre below the cost of production and tax.

A Tesco spokesman said: 'It is not our policy to sell below cost, but when it does occur, it is a small proportion of overall sales.'


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