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Welcome to Our Site! We’re Glad You Found Us.  

Consumer rights nz car insurancePathway Insurance is a leading independent agency offering the best options for Personal and Business Insurance in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Colorado, Maryland, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, and Florida.

Online quotes for personal Auto & Home Insurance are available 24 hours per day 7 days per week in 12 States by clicking on Personal Insurance Quotes.  

If you are located in Florida visit our Florida website for quotes on all different types of Business, Car, and Homeowners Insurance in Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas: http://www.homeinsurancetampaflorida.net/ 

Quotes for all types of Business Insurance are also available 7 days per week via our online agents.  Look below for links to the specific type of business insurance you need.  Use our chat system to speak with a licensed agent right now! 

We are Business Insurance Specialists!

We specialize in offering highly competitive Business Insurance options for a number of different industries including but not limited to:

Transportation – Coverage for Tractor Trailers, (single vehicles or fleets) Bobtail Insurance, Cargo, Tow Trucks, Moving Trucks, Dump Trucks, Logging Trucks, Taxis, Limos, Emergency and Non Medical Transportation, School Buses, Company Passenger Vehicles, and Utility Trucks and much more.

Need Quotes? Call 513-662-7000 or click on Commercial Truck Insurance, Insurance for Taxi Drivers, Insurance for Limousines, Auto Insurance for Non Emergency Medical Transportation,

Auto Repair Garages – Coverage for Auto Repair Shops, Body Shops, New & Used Car Dealerships.

For quotes and information call 513-662-7000 or click on Garage Insurance, Car Dealership Insurance Coverage (available in all States)

Contractors Insurance – Coverage for Roofing Contractors, General Contractors, Excavators, Handyman Contractors, HVAC Contractors, Plumbing Contractors, Painters, Electricians, Kitchen and Bath Contractors, Tile and Carpet Contractors, Landscapers, Fire Control Contractors, Water Restoration Contractors, Pest Control  and much more!     

Need Quotes? – Click on Contractors Insurance to send us your request for quotes 24/7.

Landlord Insurance – Coverage for Single Family Residential Units, Apartment Buildings, (student housing and section 8 as well) Condo Associations (all states including Florida) Office Buildings, Strip Malls, Warehouses, and much more! 

Quotes for Landlord Insurance are available 7 days per week until 5:30 PM. (EST) Requests can be sent to us 24 hours per day through our online submissions system by clicking on Landlord Insurance.

Our agents can help you find the coverage you need for your business 7 days per week until 5:30 PM EST.

The Best Business Insurance Options – What Coverage is Needed for Your Company?

If you own a business it is important to ensure you understand what business insurance options are appropriate for your company.

The commercial insurance coverage needed for an Auto Repair Garage would naturally be different than what is necessary for a Roofing Contractor.

For example: An Auto Repair Garage would need something called Garage Keepers Insurance to protect customer vehicles in the possession of the Garage while awaiting or undergoing repairs. Adding Garage Keepers Insurance to a roofing contractors policy would be completely unnecessary and not appropriate.  

But at the same time there are some business insurance options that may be necessary for any type of company, such as General Liability, Coverage for Equipment, Property, Inventory, Tools, Workers Compensation Insurance, and Business Auto Insurance. 

Are you 100% certain you have the right coverage for your business? Great question to think about.

If the wrong type of claim event happens at exactly the wrong time you could be facing a Catastrophic financial event!    

The Best Business Insurance Options – What You Don’t Know Can Harm Your Company!

What you don’t know about insurance can have unintended financial ramifications down the road so it is a good idea to review your needs from time to time.

If you are not currently insured with our company why not set up a time to take advantage of our Free Business Insurance Review?  There is no cost or obligation to purchase from our agency.  

When a serious illness has been diagnosed it is always wise to obtain a second opinion. A second opinion on your insurance needs is likewise a good move on your part.

The worst time to learn something was missing from your overall insurance protection is after the claim has already occurred!

Claims Example #1: Bob Henderson is a full time real estate investor and owns a number of single family homes that are rented.  Bob’s annual premiums for Landlord insurance in Cincinnati are significant.  He contacts an agency wanting a better deal and he finds one.  The new agent cuts Bob’s premiums by 25% and eager for a deal jumps at the chance to lower the cost of his Landlord Insurance in Cincinnati.

One year later a tenant calls Bob to let him know water is leaking in his home.  Bob sends his maintenance man Pete over and discovers a broken water pipe from colder than normal temperatures.  Pete estimates it will cost about $15,000 for the water damage. Evidently the tenant was visiting her parents and was away and water had been running for several days.

Bob files a claim with his insurance company. A claims adjustor meets with Bob the next day and explains to him that water damage is not covered by the particular Cincinnati Landlord Insurance Policy Form he purchased!

“What!” Bob expresses. The adjustor empathizes with Bob but shows him in his policy what is covered under his policy. Water losses are not one of the named perils in the Cincinnati Landlord Insurance Policy Form he purchased!

Bob is forced to pay $15,000 out-of-pocket.  The $1500 in insurance premiums he saved was completely lost by the $15,000 out of pocket expense he incurred. This story is based on a true account and the names have been changed. (Pathway was not the agency that sold the wrong coverage form to Bob – another agent did, but we obtained the correct coverage for the policyholder.)

Claims Example #2: Fred Simmons along with a business partner Sue Ellen started a medical company offering mobile health services. Their company soon gained many customers and began to hire medical technicians. Fred and Sue purchased 3 small SUV’s for their employees to be used on their medical visits to patients and also to carry their medical equipment.

Fred dutifully added the vehicles and his employees to his personal car insurance policy on the advice of their previous agent. 

One day Fred is having a conversation with Jack Thomas, one of the owners of Pathway Insurance. (Pathway was located in the same office building at the time) The subject of Business Auto Insurance came up.  Jack discovered Fred had not purchased a Business Auto Insurance policy, but rather the vehicles he had bought and employees used for work were listed on his personal auto policy.  

Jack asked Fred “Why did you not buy a commercial auto insurance policy?”  Fred mentioned that his agent was very well aware the vehicles were being used in business and he said it was ok to add the vehicles and his employees to his personal auto policy. 

Jack explained to Fred that any claims caused by his employees or himself as he too was using his vehicle to meet patients would be denied by Fred’s insurance company.

Fred was skeptical so he called his agent to talk about this and we will refer to Fred’s former agent as Bonzo the Clown.  Bonzo told Fred he was fully covered and that Jack had no idea what he was talking about and was just trying to scare Fred and ‘get’ his business.

The next morning Jack and Fred ran into each other passing through the office lobby and Fred told Jack that his agent Bonzo the Clown insisted he would be covered when his employees were driving his cars on work related activities. Jack asked Fred “do you have a minute?”  Fred did have a spare minute so he followed Jack to his office.

Jack called the claims department of the insurance company Fred was insured with and asked to speak with a claims supervisor.  When Jack was connected he asked the claims supervisor if a policyholder insured with his company would be covered when vehicles insured under a personal auto policy were used for work related activities in the manner Fred was using his vehicles if they had an accident?

Jack then switched the phone to speak so Fred could hear the answer, Jack knew was coming.  The claims supervisor immediately advised Jack (with Fred listening) that their company would deny any business related claim because the personal auto insurance policy was not intended for business exposures.  The claims supervisor for the company Fred had been insured with for a dozen years explained: “You would need to buy a commercial auto insurance policy.”

Jack thanked the claims supervisor for her time and sad goodbye and said to Fred, “what do you think now about your agent, Bonzo the Clown?”

Fred quickly stated: “I think I need a new agent!”   Jack agreed with Fred and since the year 2000 Fred has been insured with Pathway for his business and personal insurance.

The two examples listed above are both true examples of how things can go wrong.  In the first claims example something did go wrong and cost the policyholder over $15,000 out of pocket.  In the second claims example things were prevented from going wrong because of good advice from Pathway Insurance. 

For this reason you can trust the trained business insurance specialists of Pathway Insurance.  The licensed agents of Pathway Insurance can help you develop the appropriate coverage to protect your financial assets. Call us today at 800-998-0662.

Insurance is Complicated & Our Educational Library is Extensive! 

Our website contains one of the largest libraries of insurance related articles from any Insurance Broker you will find discussing a variety of different subjects. Feel free to browse our library located to the immediate right of our website if you are using a desk or laptop computer. (must scroll down if on a smartphone)

If you have any insurance related questions no matter if you are currently insured with us or not feel free to call 513-662-7000 or 813-618-7001 to speak with our licensed agents.

Follow us on our Facebook Business Page for news, updates and tidbits of information that will help you make better insurance decisions. 

Online Quotes Are Available 24 Hours per Day for Personal Insurance.

No matter if you need Car or Homeowners Insurance in Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Maryland, Michigan, Tennessee or Georgia we can help 24 hours per day.

We were one of the first independent agencies in Cincinnati offering online quotes from multiple insurance companies.

Click any of the links below for online quotes or information 24/7 for your location:

Personal Insurance Ohio:

  • Auto Insurance Cincinnati
  • Home Insurance Cincinnati
  • Ohio Car Insurance (all other areas in Ohio)
  • Ohio Home Insurance (all other areas in Ohio)

Business Insurance Ohio:

  • Business Insurance Cincinnati
  • Contractors Insurance Cincinnati
  • Landlord Insurance Cincinnati
  • Commercial Truck Insurance Cincinnati

Personal Insurance Florida:

  • Home Insurance Tampa Florida
  • Car Insurance Tampa Florida
  • Florida Home Insurance (all other areas in Florida)
  • Florida Automobile Insurance (all other areas in Florida)

Business Insurance Florida:

  • Business Insurance Tampa Florida
  • Contractors Insurance Tampa Florida
  • Commercial Truck Insurance Florida

Personal Insurance the Remaining States:

  • Auto Insurance Quotes
  • Home Insurance Quotes

Business Insurance the Remaining States:

  • Tow Truck Insurance
  • Garage Keepers Insurance
  • Owner Operator Insurance
  • Roofing Contractors Insurance
  • Painting Contractors Insurance

This is How Pathway Insurance Can Save You Time & Money:

Shopping For the Best Insurance Rates Can Be Frustrating.

Why??  Because it can be very time-consuming. 

More than 500 companies offer insurance in the Nine state area in which we operate. If you’re looking for cheap auto insurance in Cincinnati, or the best home insurance in Tampa Florida how long would it take you to obtain hundreds of insurance quotes? 

Likely more time that you would like to invest.  That’s why Pathway Insurance is the best choice for any type of insurance you need.  Why?

As a leading independent insurance agency we can shop the market to help you find what you need. There isn’t a single insurance company in the United States that can offer the best coverage, rates, and options for every person’s circumstances.

That’s where we come in, and we do this better than any competitor.  However there is something you to need to be aware of.

Many insurance agents and companies sell home insurance and auto in Cincinnati exclusively based on the price you pay for that protection.

We believe this is a mistake that could cost you financially down the road.

A Cheap Price Without Any Advice™ Could Cause Great Financial Harm to Yourself. 

Insurance policies are far more complicated than the price you pay for it.™

The policies consumers purchase contain many restrictions, exclusions, and terms and conditions that you as the policyholder must comply with.

If you violate a term or condition in your insurance policy, your claim might be denied!

We Offer Valued Services for Policyholders Insured With Pathway.

Our agency offers several unique services that will benefit you if you decide to allow our agency to care for your insurance needs. 

We offer the Pathway Protection Letter™, the Pathway Coverage Checklist™, the Pathway Claims Advocacy Program.™ plus the Pathway Re-Shopping Service.

Click on the above links to learn how these services can save you time, money, or a claim denial!

We are sure you would agree that the above services are very valuable. 

The question you might need to ask yourself is this:

Am I currently receiving a service similar to this? 

If not do you see how important the service we offer might be of extreme value to you?   

Why not choose our agency to help you with your insurance needs?

We Are Here To Help You Make The Right Choice.

Some companies by means of clever television advertisements want you to believe that price you pay for auto insurance in Cincinnati or Homeowners insurance in Tampa should be the only thing that matters when you make your buying decision. 

The simple truth is that insurance is far too complicated to base exclusively on the price you pay for that protection.

The Pathway Coverage Checklist reveals 37 gaps in coverage on the typical Cincinnati Car Insurance policy, plus 53 different gaps in coverage for Home insurance in Cincinnati. 

Any one gap in coverage could cost you thousands of dollars!

The coverage checklist is only available through our Independent Insurance Agency.   

We can help you find the best value for your dollar by not only shopping the market for you, but also providing extremely important and valuable services to you.

Additionally we have developed a referral network for online insurance quotes in all 50 states. Click here and you will be directed to our online quote system.

Our Clients Say It Best:

Click on client for life to learn why one policyholder explains why he would never leave our agency or read the below client testimonial:

I would like to start off by saying that I have been with Jack Thomas and his staff for over 10 years. I actually had all my insurance needs filled through a family member who couldn’t supply the needs at a reasonable rate for my teenage son when he started driving because they did not have the broad network which took me into the insurance shopping market.

I met Jack and he was more than capable of supplying all of my needs at a very affordable rate. In fact I had contacted at least a half dozen companies and none of them provided me with a good rate or superior service like Pathway. Then I got married and we built a new home…..my husband had been with his insurance company for a long time who was a personal friend, so now the issue is raised of which company to go with.

Jack Thomas won hands down. Jack and his staff were knowledgeable, friendly and the service was above what we expected.

Thank You Pathway for all you do…..Keep up the good work!

Debbie Boehm

Contact Us Today For the Best Insurance Options.

You can call our offices at 513-662-7000, 813-618-7001 in Florida or toll free 800-998-0662 to speak with one of our licensed representatives or click on one of the links below for additional information or quotes.

Personal Insurance Ohio:

  • Auto Insurance Cincinnati
  • Home Insurance Cincinnati
  • Ohio Car Insurance (all other areas in Ohio)
  • Ohio Home Insurance (all other areas in Ohio)

Business Insurance Ohio:

  • Business Insurance Cincinnati
  • Contractors Insurance Cincinnati
  • Landlord Insurance Cincinnati
  • Commercial Truck Insurance Cincinnati

Personal Insurance Florida:

  • Home Insurance Tampa Florida
  • Car Insurance Tampa Florida
  • Florida Home Insurance (all other areas in Florida)
  • Florida Automobile Insurance (all other areas in Florida)

Business Insurance the Remaining States:

  • Tow Truck Insurance
  • Garage Keepers Insurance
  • Owner Operator Insurance
  • Roofing Contractors Insurance
  • Painting Contractors Insurance

Other Insurance:

  • Life Insurance Cincinnati
  • Health Insurance.

A Few of our Insurance Partners: (representing over 50 companies)

  • Travelers Insurance
  • Mapfre Insurance
  • Progressive Insurance
  • Pekin Insurance
  • Encompass Insurance 
  • Berkshire Hathaway Insurance
  • Allied Insurance

To visit our Florida website click on this link for Car and Homeowners Insurance in Tampa: http://www.homeinsurancetampaflorida.net/ 

Or click this link for all types of Commercial Truck Insurance in Florida: http://www.florida-truck-insurance.com/


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"I can tell those who read this and watch your video that the message you shared is exactly how you treat your clients. The care and support you gave us was beyond anything we could have imagined."   Written by: Karen Strong Review of Personal Injury Attorney - Anthony Castelli


If you have been injured by the fault of another such as in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, or if have lost a loved one then you have come to the right place. For over 30 years I have focused on protecting the rights of injury and accident victims and disabled people just like you. My focus will be on you. When times are tough, we all need someone to lean on. You can lean on me.I promise to fight with all my heart for you.


We will stand up for you. My mission is to:

  1. Answer your questions
  2. Solve your problems
  3. Get you the best results possible


The biggest misconception that many people have is that the insurance company, whether it is yours or the other party’s, is on your side. They are not. In fact, they are out to pay you as little as possible. They are just waiting for you to make a costly mistake.

Sure, there are some cases that may not need a personal injury lawyer such as a minor injury case. But many of you have come here because you have a serious injury or illness and you need your questions answered and help to get the compensation you deserve. Try our helpful tips or our video library for some helpful answers. Also click on the personal injury topic areas to the left to get more information about your particular case.


Please know that you can call 1-513-621-2345 (toll free 1-800-447-6549) or email me and I will gladly answer your questions at no cost to you.


You probably want to know if I can help you get all the compensation, damages and benefits that you deserve. I invite you to review my biography, My promises to you, my 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee, and the video on why clients hire Anthony Castelli. This will help you understand who I am, my experience and what has motivated me for over 30 years to fight with all my heart for injury and accident victims.


What you can do right now in time to protect yourself.

1. Contact me for a free, no obligation initial consultation. You can make an appointment to do this in my office or initially over the telephone or you can email me your problem for a free case evaluation. 

I really do welcome you to call me now at 1-800-447-6549 or locally at 513-621-2345.

My practice extends throughout the nearby Cincinnati, and Ohio region including Mason, West Chester, Lebanon, Batavia, Fairfield and Hamilton Dayton and Columbus. The time is now to get help for your personal injuries from a experienced greater Cincinnati personal injuries lawyer.

Get car insurance today pay later

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ERLANGER, Ky. -- The Kentucky Department of Insurance is investigating whether a Kenton County insurance company has been selling insurance policies without a license, Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney Rob Sanders said.

Investigators carried out a search warrant Tuesday at Stars Insurance, LLC at 510 Graves Ave. in Erlanger. The business was accepting applications for insurance quotes through their website, Sanders said.

Michelle and Michael Fleckinger were listed as the owners of Stars Insurance, Sanders said. The company has been in business since 2016, and the company is not licensed with the Kentucky Department of Insurance.

Michelle Fleckinger has an agent's license to sell property and casualty insurance, but she is not licensed to sell the auto, boat, RV or health insurance policies advertised on the company website, Sanders said.

WCPO attempted to contact Michelle Fleckinger for comment, but the calls were not immediately returned.

Sanders called the situation “troubling.”

"Kentuckians buy insurance to ease the pain of an unexpected loss," Sanders said in a release. "But that's certainly not the time to find out the policy you've been paying for is worthless … The Kentucky Department of Insurance requires insurance underwriters and insurance agents to be licensed to prevent exactly what appears to be going on in this case.”

Sanders’ office is investigating the company with the Kentucky Department of Insurance, Fraud Investigation Division. No charges have been filed at this time.

Investigators are still looking into how many fraudulent policies were sold, Sanders said, and anyone who has bought a policy from the company should call Josh Rayburn of the Kentucky Department of Insurance, Consumer Protection Division at 502-782-5356.

Sanders said the Kenton County Grand Jury will hear the details of the investigation once it is complete.


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