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Company car insurance uk

We help you find the right type of cover, at the best price for you.

Whether you have one car or five, classic car or camper van, even teenagers looking to insure their first set of wheels, we can help. Choose from Multi Car, Single Car or our Black Box Insurance, LittleBox. Once you've figured out which car insurance policy is right for you and your family, you just need to decide which level of cover you need.

Third party

This is the most basic level of cover as required by law. If you’re involved in an accident, we will pay out to the third party involved but you won’t be compensated for damage to your own vehicle.

Third party fire and theft

As well as paying out to a third party if you’re involved in an incident, this level of cover will also protect your car from damage caused by fire or theft. However, it will not pay out if your car’s damaged in another way such as a bump or crash.

Comprehensive cover

This is the most complete insurance you can buy; it includes Third Party, Fire & Theft and will pay out to repair or replace your car if it’s damaged in an accident or suffers malicious damage.

Need more information? Read our 'which level of cover?' guide

If you have more than one car, come to us direct as you won't find Admiral MultiCar on comparison sites.

We make sure buying your insurance is as easy as possible.

We cover the whole of the UK and Northern Ireland. It only takes five minutes, here's what you need to get a quote:

Car details

You'll need to know the make, model and year your car was made and any modifications it has. We don't need your registration at this stage, but you'll need it to start the insurance policy.

Driver information

Including names, dates of birth and driving licence details. Any motoring claims or penalty points you or your named drivers have. Claims information for three years and motoring convictions for five.

No Claims Bonus

This means a discount for you, so make sure you know how many years No Claims Bonus you have. You should be able to find this on your existing policy documents, if not your previous insurer will tell you.

If you are looking for more advice why not take a look at our car insurance related guides.


  1. 1. Overview
  2. 2. Tax on company cars
  3. 3. Other company benefits you'll pay tax on
  1. 4. Tax-free company benefits
  2. 5. National Insurance on company benefits
  3. 6. Keeping records and reporting changes

2. Tax on company cars

You’ll pay tax if you or your family use a company car privately, including for commuting.

You pay tax on the value to you of the company car, which depends on things like how much it would cost to buy and the type of fuel it uses.

This value of the car is reduced if:

  • you have it part-time
  • you pay something towards its cost
  • it has low CO2 emissions

If your employer pays for fuel you use for personal journeys, you’ll pay tax on this separately.

Check or update your company car tax

Tell HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) if your car or fuel details change. You can check or update your company car tax online, eg if:

  • you get a company car or give one back
  • your employer starts or stops paying for fuel for you to use personally

If a change affects the value of the car, HMRC will update your tax code so you pay the right tax.

Estimating the tax you’ll pay

You can see how much tax you might pay with HMRC’s company car and fuel benefit calculator.

This calculator may not work in all browsers. Find out how to update or change your browser.

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Company vehicle insurance is used to provide insurance on cars owned or leased by a company. Keith Michaels offer a range of car insurance for company car drivers to ensure the best cover can be acquired.  We supply insurance for company cars and drivers that cover vehicles including cars, vans and trucks.

Because every business and their insurance needs vary, we treat each policy as unique. We compare many business car insurance policies to ensure we supply the most comprehensive and competitive company car insurance policy for each customer. Complete cover is essential for all eventualities whilst driving a company car, and the driver as well as the company need to ensure the right company vehicle insurance is in place.

Many businesses that seek a company car insurance policy require insurance for leased cars. Whereas companies that own multiple vehicles can benefit from our motor fleet insurance – this provides complete flexibility and introductory discounts that are often an ideal solution for most companies.

When customers seek insurance for company car drivers, they are unaware of what cover they require. By talking to us, you can be assured that our team of company vehicle insurance specialists will be devoted to helping you find the most appropriate company car insurance policy, and get the best deal on it. What’s more is that our entire range of company car insurance policies come with optional European driving cover – just let us know if you want this added to your company vehicle insurance policy.

Call one of our company car insurance specialists to discuss the options that are available to you. We also offer an introductory prices for customers seeking insurance for company car drivers.

In order to provide the best possible insurance quote for your company cars we will require the following information:

  • Number of vehicles
  • Make of vehicles and years of manufacture
  • Number of employees to be insured and their ages
  • Claim and conviction history
  • The type of cover to be covered
  • Location of your business


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