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Costco car insurance michigan

We studied car insurance rates throughout the state of Michigan to help our readers determine which companies offered the most affordable auto insurance quotes. From our study, we found that rates fluctuated widely depending on insurance company. The cheapest company statewide cost just 19% of what the most expensive carrier was charging. Read our analysis below, or enter your zip code above for a list of cheap auto insurance companies to begin more local comparison shopping:

  • Cheap Auto Insurance Companies in Michigan
  • Cheap Car Insurance: by City
  • The Best Rated Insurers in Michigan
  • Cost of Auto Insurance: by City

Cheap Car Insurance Companies in Michigan

It's helpful to know which auto insurance companies are more affordable in your state than others, especially since Michigan motorists are paying about 70% more than the average U.S. state for their no-fault benefits. Below we've ranked 21 companies in Michigan to give drivers an idea for the cheapest rates in the state. Rates are based on a thirty year old single male driver. MetLife ranked as the cheapest insurer in Michigan with the lowest average rates at $1,159 annually. Three other companies also had average rates below $2,000 a year: Hastings Mutual, Chubb, and Pioneer State Mutual. Allstate was the most expensive company with drivers paying over $5,992 per year on average.

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Find The Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes In Your Area

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This can look different depending on where you actually live, drive, and park your car. For those people who'd like to see which insurers operate in your town and have the cheapest rates, just enter your zip code in the box above to start your search. We've also included the full list of 21 car insurance companies in our Michigan analysis, and ranked them from the lowest to the most expensive companies based on our benchmark driver. The actual quotes you'll get will differ based on your own circumstances.

CompanyYearly Rate
Hastings Mutual$1,395
Pioneer State Mutual$1,996
Auto Owners$2,221
Grange Insurance$2,704
Auto Club Group$2,743
Farm Bureau$3,750
State Farm$4,015
Wolverine Mutual$4,231

Cheap Car Insurance in Michigan: by City

As we mentioned, where you live plays a large role in determining how much it costs to insure your car. In this section, we'll take a look at costs for the largest cities. 

CityCompanyYearly Rate
Ann ArborMetLife$960
Hastings Mutual$1,032
Pioneer State Mutual$1,332
Battle CreekHastings Mutual$984
Bay CityMetLife$1,080
Hastings Mutual$1,272
Hastings Mutual$1,404
Hastings Mutual$1,440
Pioneer State Mutual$1,464
Hastings Mutual$1,092
Hastings Mutual$1,404
CommerceHastings Mutual$1,032
Pioneer State Mutual$1,608
Hastings Mutual$1,716
Dearborn HeightsMetLife$1,380
Hastings Mutual$2,328
Dearborn HeightsMEEMIC$2,328
Hastings Mutual$3,024
Hastings Mutual$1,092
East LansingChubb$1,428
Hastings Mutual$1,416
Farmington HillsChubb$1,668
Hastings Mutual$1,032
Hastings Mutual$1,404
Hastings Mutual$1,452
Grand BlancChubb$1,692
Hastings Mutual$1,284
Grand RapidsPioneer State Mutual$1,452
Hastings Mutual$1,020
HollandPioneer State Mutual$1,332
Hastings Mutual$1,416
Hastings Mutual$1,092
Hastings Mutual$948
KentwoodPioneer State Mutual$1,452
Hastings Mutual$960
LansingPioneer State Mutual$1,560
Hastings Mutual$1,716
Lincoln ParkChubb$1,932
Hastings Mutual$1,416
Hastings Mutual$1,272
Hastings Mutual$948
MeridianPioneer State Mutual$1,452
Hastings Mutual$996
Hastings Mutual$1,212
Hastings Mutual$1,740
Hastings Mutual$924
Hastings Mutual$1,032
PittsfieldPioneer State Mutual$1,476
Hastings Mutual$1,404
Hastings Mutual$924
Hastings Mutual$1,716
Hastings Mutual$1,272
Rochester HillsChubb$1,596
Hastings Mutual$1,404
Royal OakHastings Mutual$1,740
SaginawAuto Owners$2,304
Hastings Mutual$1,272
Hastings Mutual$1,740
. MetLife$1,020
. Hastings Mutual$1,416
St. Clair ShoresFrankenmuth$1,740
Hastings Mutual$1,404
Sterling HeightsChubb$1,668
TaylorAuto Owners$2,304
Hastings Mutual$1,404
WarrenHastings Mutual$1,740
WaterfordHastings Mutual$1,740
Hastings Mutual$1,416
West BloomfieldChubb$1,632
Hastings Mutual$1,416
Hastings Mutual$948
WyomingPioneer State Mutual$1,452
Hastings Mutual$1,032
YpsilantiPioneer State Mutual$1,608

Detroit, MI

Detroit is the most populous city in Michigan and also its most expensive when it comes to auto insurance. This isn't the first time Detroit has found itself towards the top of insurance lists before. It is widely regarded as one of the most expensive auto insurance cities not only in MI but in the entire country. Based on our driver's profile, Detroit's annual rates average $6,197 or 103% more expensive than the state average. 

Cheap auto insurance in Detroit does exist, however. We found some of the lowest rates at MetLife, Hastings Mutual, and Chubb. For example, an average annual rate of $2,136 a year at MetLife is about 66% cheaper than the average annual premium in Detroit.

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Grand Rapids, MI

The 2nd largest city in Michigan and about 30 miles from the eastern shores of Lake Michigan, Grand Rapids is nicknamed "River City" for the beautiful Grand River that runs through its center. There are many things to do in Grand Rapids, from golfing, to shopping, hanging at the beach, or even discovering one of the many art exhibits around town. Economically, GR's largest employer is Spectrum Health with almost 20,000 employees. Car insurance rates in Grand Rapids are relatively favorable despite the city being the second largest in Michigan. We found the average cost to insure a car here to be around $2,446 a year, making Grand Rapids the 11th cheapest city in our study.

MetLife, Hastings Mutual, and Pioneer State Mutual were several of the most affordable car insurance companies in Grand Rapids based on our comparison data. On average, their rates will be nearly 49% lower than most rates offered in Grand Rapids. Educators living in Grand Rapids should take advantage of MEEMIC Insurance’s low rates, which were $1,728 a year – the fifth lowest among Grand Rapids insurers!

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Warren, MI

The 3rd largest city in Michigan, Warren is home to more than 134,000 people. It's located about 21 miles north of Detroit, and just 8 miles away from the Lake St. Claire Shores. General Motors’ Cadillac Car division calls Warren home, and tourists find Warren a great anchor point to several of the region’s attractions, such as the Detroit Zoo and the Museum of Contemporary Art. In our analysis, we found Warren to be on the pricier end of the spectrum, with average annual auto insurance rates around $3,446 for our sample driver.

We recommend adding MetLife, Chubb, and Hastings Mutual onto your list of insurers to consider. In Warren, these three insurers generally were at least 56% cheaper than most other companies in Warren; some, such as MetLife, offer rates as low as $1,092 a year. MEEMIC helped to round out the top 5 low-cost car insurance companies in Warren, exclusive to drivers in the education industry.

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Sterling Heights, MI

Home to almost 130,000 people, Sterling Heights is the 4th largest city in Michigan. It is one of the core suburbs within the Detroit Metro region, and its calendar is packed with recreational events. Some of the most notable summer events in Sterling Heights include their Memorial Day Parade, Sterlingfest, and the American-Polish Festival. Our benchmark driver paid about $3,223 a year, or around $267 a month, to insure a Toyota in Sterling Heights.

While the city’s overall premiums were 5% higher than the Michigan average, we still found a wide range in costs between insurers here. For example, at $2,028 a year, Pioneer State Mutual cost the most for a basic liability policy for our driver profile. As you shop around for the best car insurance rates in Sterling Heights, we suggest including MetLife, Hastings Mutual, and Chubb when getting a quote. If you are an educator, do look into MEEMIC insurance as well, as our benchmark motorists found it to be the 4th cheapest overall in the city.

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Lansing, MI

Home to the Michigan State University Spartans in addition to being the capital city of Michigan, Lansing is the 6th largest city – very close behind Ann Arbor – in the state with almost 114,000 residents as of 2013. Lansing is also called "The Heart of Michigan" partly because it is quite literally in the center of the state. The state government and MSU provide many of the jobs in Lansing but there's strong private enterprise as well with plenty of national and regional companies keeping their headquarters in the city. The cost of insuring your vehicle in Lansing is $2,605 per year which is about 15% cheaper than the state average and more than $3,592 less than residents of Detroit are paying!

To save even more, start comparison shopping at MetLife, Hastings Mutual, Pioneer State Mutual, Chubb, and Auto Owners for some of the cheapest rates. Together, these insurers represent nearly a 52% “discount” on auto insurance quotes when compared to the city’s average.

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Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor is home to a large university, the University of Michigan Wolverines. With 114,000 citizens in the city, Ann Arbor is the 6th largest town in "The Great Lakes State". No stranger to awards, Ann Arbor has consistently placed on "Top Places to Live" lists for years and is widely considered a safe and friendly town with a very reasonable cost of living. In our study, the city placed fantastically as well. Ann Arbor was the second best city to live in for auto insurance in the state overall with low annual premiums of $2,233. This makes Ann Arbor 27% cheaper than the average Michigan city.

You can save even more with the right insurer in Ann Arbor. For example, the cheapest insurer, MetLife, offered quotes that were less than half the cost of the city’s average; our driver’s quotes were around $960 a year. We also recommend putting Hastings Mutual, Pioneer State Mutual, Chubb, and SECURA onto your shortlist if you're looking for the lowest auto insurance quotes in Ann Arbor.

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Best Auto Insurance Companies in Michigan

It's important to at least consider the complaint ratio of whatever companies you're looking at for car insurance. If you just look at the premium price there's always a risk that you end up with a company that has great rates but a lousy overall experience (claims servicing is slow, customer service is rude, etc). Below you'll find many of the largest auto insurance operators in Michigan and their corresponding complaint ratio, as published by the Michigan Department of Insurance. The lower the complaint ratio, the better rated a company is:

Rank Company 2013 Complaint Ratio 2013 Written Premiums
1 Fremont Insurance 0.02 $59,273,366
2 USAA 0.04 155,907,111
3 Wolverine Mutual 0.04 23,071,674
4 Westfield Insurance 0.05 39,885,127
5 Progressive 0.06 627,359,749
6 Michigan Millers 0.06 47,370,514
7 State Farm 0.07 1,385,322,336
9 Frankenmuth 0.08 177,396,742
9 MEEMIC 0.08 199,074,699
9 Trumbull 0.08 37,180,068
12 GEICO 0.09 193,080,067
12 Michigan Insurance Company 0.09 43,406,021
12 Philadelphia Insurance 0.09 11,150,010
15 Hanover 0.10 459,924,904
16 Encompass 0.10 49,334,926
16 Grange Insurance 0.10 67,690,648
16 Hastings Mutual 0.10 48,505,608
16 MAIPF (Michigan residual auto insurance market) 0.10 29,289,694
16 Sentinel Insurance 0.10 9,554,356
21 Farm Bureau 0.11 355,020,096
22 Pioneer State Mutual 0.11 120,787,270
23 Titan 0.12 56,112,778
24 AAA 0.12 990,955,513
25 Allstate 0.12 523,381,491
25 MetLife 0.12 41,188,345
25 Northern Mutual 0.12 8,537,797
28 ACE 0.13 7,637,212
29 SECURA 0.14 14,647,459
30 Auto-Owners 0.15 148,466,654
31 State Auto 0.16 27,542,403
32 Liberty Mutual 0.16 107,257,196
33 Arrowhead Insurance 0.17 23,272,438
33 The Hartford 0.17 40,280,948
35 Horace Mann 0.19 10,297,428
36 National General 0.22 85,864,201
37 AIG 0.24 4,201,722
37 American Country 0.24 8,232,686
39 Ameriprise 0.26 26,879,406
40 National Indemnity 0.27 7,311,762
41 Safeco 0.31 171,420,199
42 Farmers 0.32 126,837,782
43 21st Century 0.33 36,147,657
44 Amerisure Insurance 0.34 2,963,113
45 Bristol West 0.35 41,890,471
46 Nationwide 0.37 80,033,786
47 Esurance 0.40 111,976,649
48 Travelers 0.45 2,216,520
49 American Modern Insurance 0.48 2,104,144
50 Allied 0.51 7,484,227
51 SPARTA Insurance 0.54 1,849,746
52 American Family 0.67 1,485,832

Cost of Car Insurance in Michigan: by City

Michigan's most expensive car insurance rates were in Detroit followed by Redford and Dearborn, among the cities we have studied. Detroit residents were paying an average of nearly $6,192 per year to insure their vehicles while those in Dearborn and Flint were both paying $5,135. Regarding the most affordable cities, Midland, Ann Arbor, and Holland finished in the top 3 positions with a yearly average of $2,238 between the three of them.

Here's a look at the 50 cities scattered throughout the state in our study and their average annual auto insurance rate. Cities are ranked from cheapest to most expensive. 

Top 5 cheapest cars to insure 2013 nba

For more information on auto insurance in Michigan cities and towns:

Ann ArborFlintSt. Clair Shores
CantonGrand RapidsSterling Heights
East LansingRoyal OakYpsilanti

Study Methodology

The quotes we compiled were for a 2011 Toyota Camry model. Our hypothetical driver was a thirty year old single male who drove about 12,000 miles per year in his Camry, which he purchased new for commuting to work. He has clean driving records in the past 5 years and excellent credit, and he has opted for basic auto insurance coverage.

We sampled quotes from 21 auto insurance companies and averaged the sample rates to come up with an average for each city. The companies we looked included but not limited to: State Farm, Nationwide, Allstate, Chubb, Mercury, Auto-Owners, Hastings Mutual, and MEEMIC. Surveyed auto insurance costs in Michigan are for illustrative purposes only and actual quotes will vary based on your physical residence, driving history, and other factors.

Below is a table comparison between the Michigan State auto insurance requirements and limits we used for our analysis. We used a slightly higher coverage than what is required:

Coverage Type Michigan Minimum Limits Analysis Limits
Bodily Injury

$20,000 per person /

$40,000 per accident

$25,000 per person /

$50,000 per accident

Property Damage $10,000 $25,000
Personal Injury Protection Required Included
Uninsured /Underinsured Motorists Bodily Injury Optional

$25,000 per person /

$50,000 per accident

Collision/Comprehensive Optional $500 Deductible


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Third party car insurance in ontario

You’ve just purchased one metric ton of salsa, a 50-inch television set and a two-person kayak…don’t forget the car insurance!

Costco, similar to many other large corporations with any existing customer base, offers insurance products to their army of bulk purchase super-savers.

How you ask? The same way GEICO and Progressive (at least they are involved in insurance) offer homeowners insurance.

GEICO and Progressive “underwrite” auto insurance as auto insurance companies, which means they collect your insurance premiums and write the actual check if you have a covered claim.

Conversely, GEICO Insurance Agency, Inc. (Geico Home Insurance) and Progressive Insurance Company (Progressive bundling) act as “any old insurance agent” and “sell” you someone else’s product when it’s not auto insurance. They get a commission, but do not collect your premium and do not pay claims.

Following suit, Costco Insurance Agency, Inc. will “sell” you someone else’s insurance product for a commission. We’ve said it a million times and we’ll say it again if you’re not familiar with our website.

Insurance is a “marketing” business. The insurance products and services available to the public are, for the most part, all relatively the same…which is why we are such proponents of the local independent agent (not captive agents).

Therefore, we must be influenced, primarily through advertising, to believe one company is better than the other.

And any company the size of Costco has a huge customer base that’s prime for the picking. You’re there once a week, you trust the name, they are nationally known…frankly we’re surprised this didn’t happen sooner.

Who Am I Actually Insured With If Not Costco?

We’re glad you asked. The answer to who actually “holds” the policy is always in the fine print…just below the insignia of the multi-billion dollar company that intends to make the commission as a “middle man” on the deal.

In this case, it’s IDS Property Casualty Insurance Company and Ameriprise Insurance Company, both located in De Pere, Wisconsin. Each company is a subsidiary of Ameriprise Financial, Inc.

That’s right, Ameriprise Financial. They are very well known for financial planning. Perhaps they didn’t want to spend the money on re-branding as an insurer, or didn’t want to water down their existing brand, which focuses on retirement and financial investments. For the record, insurance and your financial future go hand-in-hand.

Pure marketing genius on Ameriprise’s part! Did you know Ameriprise as an insurance company? Probably not. Does that matter? Not if you believe in Costco’s marketing and branding efforts.

Fair Enough. What Does Costco Offer?

You will have to speak to a representative of the company, right behind the “tobacco cage” at your local Costco.

Shocker alert. If it was an earth shattering type of insurance, they’d market it under their own name and blow our collective minds. P.S., you might be able to save up to “who knows what” by switching to them!

Costco Auto Insurance

– Discount “just” for being a Costco member in almost all cases.
– Personalized service built around your unique needs – this is seriously a bullet point of the program
– Comprehensive coverage options – we’ll assume this means they offer physical damage coverage (not just liability-only).
– Responsive insurance claims service 24/7
– You get to choose your repair facility – which verifies they offer physical damage and uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist coverage
– Available discounts include safe driving, insuring multiple vehicles (which is technically “buying in bulk”…we couldn’t help ourselves), having more than one policy and “more” – their words, not ours. You know we’d list them for you!
– 24 hour roadside assistance is available
– Lifetime renewability – Keep in mind they may renew you no matter what, but that doesn’t mean the premium will be favorable at renewal.

Costco Home Insurance

The details of this one are sketchy – there is not a lot of info readily available, so take your homeowners insurance quotes to a local independent insurance agent to make sure you have adequate coverage.That said, here is what they disclose:

– Home lockout assistance – they’ll pay up to $100 for up to two incidences within a 12 month period. For the record, $100 should be more than enough to get you back in your house!
– Home Glass Repair – Don’t laugh at this one. Not every homeowner’s insurance policy covers all of the glass on your home against breakage of any type. Most insurers certainly offer the option, often referred to as “unscheduled glass” coverage or simply “glass” coverage.
– The home glass repair reimbursement coverage offers up to $1000 per occurrence and is limited to two claims within any consecutive 12-month period.
– Discounts for packaging home and auto

*Costco also offers a so-called “auto and home insurance program” for its members that can apparently save you up to $531.86. However, this package deal isn’t available in AK, FL, LA, ME, ND, RI, WV, WY or Puerto Rico.

And the exclusive Costco discount isn’t available in the state of Tennessee, or on auto insurance for non-Executive members in Massachusetts.

Costco Renters Insurance

What more can we say about the importance of renters insurance.

Costco’s renters insurance is likely comparable to many other available products, but always be sure to ask about “water back-up “ coverage and make sure to get the details of exactly what types of losses you are insured against.

For the record; you will want an all risks policy.

Mexico Travel Auto Insurance

Please read up on the laws and details of auto insurance in Mexico prior to heading south of the border – an auto accident is basically considered a crime in Mexico…meaning dealing with the local “authorities” before you can be back on your way.

Costco has switched gears here and partnered with Bonita West Mexico Insurance Services, Inc., a broker, out of California for this particular product.

Bonita West, in turn, sells you a policy from MAPFRE Tepeyac, SA de CV (that is not a typo; based on our admittedly limited Spanish, is a Mexican insurance company…as in, from Mexico).

The product is pretty comprehensive and offers the following coverage:

– You can purchase a daily, all the way up to an annual, policy
– More than one option for liability and medical coverage
– Comp and collision coverage up to $60,000 – leave the Ferrari at home for goodness sake

Their full coverage plan includes collision, total theft (ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY), bodily injury and property damage liability, medical expenses, legal defense (ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY) and travel assistance.

The coverage can be purchased 24 hours per day (we’re assuming online) in case you get the “itch” to go to Mexico at an odd time.

Final Word

While Costco might have the best deal out there, depending on your unique insurance profile and needs, you should consider visiting a local independent insurance agent if you are comfortable buying an insurance policy from an insurance agency.

Sticking with our mantra, if Costco/Ameriprise Financial/ Bonita West Mexico Insurance Services, Inc./ MAPFRE Tepeyac, SA de CV has the lowest price and best service, then by all means go with them.

Just remember you are foregoing multiple insurance quotes from numerous insurance companies if you don’t visit an independent agent. Period.

At the end of the day, Costco may refuse to be beat on price when it comes to giant plastic bins of cheese balls, but they may fall short in offering you the lowest price on your insurance policy, whether its home, auto, or both.

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