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Encompass car insurance claims

Insurance Claims

Our job is to see that your claim is handled quickly and fairly and that you are never out of the loop. Practices and procedures vary somewhat depending on the type of insurance and the insurance company, but you let us worry about that. In most cases we can let you know well in advance what to expect and will be able to make sure that everything is on track. If you ever need us we're just a phone call away: (336) 679-8816

Already reported your car or home claim? Use our Claim Manager to track your claim.

Claims Reporting:

What to do after a car accident

What you need to do after a homeowner loss

To better assist you, the following carriers have 24 hour direct claim reporting services available. Prior to calling, please have your policy number and claim details available for the claims adjuster. The insurance carrier will forward a copy of your claim report to our office. Also, if we can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us or call us at your convenience at (336) 679-8816.

  • Aetna Health IncGo to Website (Claims Page)
  • AflacGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 992-3522
  • AllstateGo to Website (Claims Page)Claim Phone Numbers:Claims Number: 800-255-7828Commercial Auto (New Jersey): (800) 366-3495 Commercial Property or Liability: (800) 359-1000 Life: (800) 366-3495Personal Auto and Home and Commercial Auto: (800) 255-7828
  • AmTrustGo to Website (Claims Page)Claim Phone Numbers:Claims Number: (866) 272-9267Claims Email: AmTrustClaims@QRM-INC.comClaims Fax: (877) 669-9140
  • Assurant HealthGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 553-7654
  • Auto-Owners InsuranceGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (888) 252-4626
  • AXA Equitable Life Insurance CompanyGo to Website (Claims Page)
  • Banner Life Insurance CompanyGo to Website (Claims Page)
  • Berkshire Hathaway Homestate CompaniesGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 356-5750
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North CarolinaGo to Website (Claims Page)
  • Builders Mutual Insurance CompanyGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 809-4858 ext 303
  • ChartisGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (888) 760-9195
  • ChubbGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 252-4670
  • Cincinnati Insurance CompaniesGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (877) 242-2544
  • Colonial Life and Accident Insurance CompanyGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 325.4368
  • Companion Property and Casualty Insurance Co.Go to Website (Claims Page)
  • Condon and SkellyGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 257-9496
  • Contractors Bonding and Insurance CompanyGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 866-2242
  • CoventryGo to Website (Claims Page)
  • Eastern Alliance Insurance CompanyGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 336-3658
  • EMCGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (888) 362-2255
  • EncompassGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 588-7400
  • FarmersGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 435-7764
  • Firemans FundGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (888) 347-3428
  • First Benefits Insurance Mutual, Inc.Go to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 360-7867
  • ForemostGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 527-3907
  • Genworth FinancialGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (888) 436-9678
  • Genworth Life and Annuity Insurance CoGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (888) 325-5433
  • GrundyGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (877) 338-4004
  • Guard Insurance GroupGo to Website (Claims Page)Claim Phone Numbers:Claims Number: (888) 639-2567Workers Comp: (888) 639-2567
  • GuideOne InsuranceGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (888) 748-4326
  • Hagerty InsuranceGo to Website (Claims Page)Claim Phone Numbers:Claims Number: (800) 922-4050Catlin Boat Claims: (888) 443-4910
  • Harleysville LifeGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 892.8877
  • Humana Insurance Company
  • iSurityGo to Website (Claims Page)Claim Phone Numbers:Claims Number: (800) 869-3999After Hours: (336) 870-2514
  • Kansas City Life Insurance CompanyClaims Number: (800) 821-6164
  • Kemper InsuranceGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (888) 252-2799
  • Keystone National InsuranceGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (570) 746-1515
  • Lafayette Insurance CompanyClaims Number: (800) 747-1396
  • Lancer InsuranceGo to Website (Claims Page)
  • Lincoln Financial GroupGo to Website (Claims Page)
  • Markel Insurance CompanyGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 362-7535
  • Medical Mutual Liability Insurance Society of MarylandGo to Website (Claims Page)
  • Motorists Mutual Insurance CompanyGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 876-8766
  • Mutual of Omaha Insurance CompanyClaims Number: (800) 775-1000
  • National General InsuranceGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 325-1088
  • Nationwide Financial Services IncGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 421-3535
  • One Beacon Insurance GroupGo to Website (Claims Page)Commercial Lines: (877) 248-3455Personal Lines: (877) 248-4968
  • Penn National InsuranceGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 766-2245
  • Philadelphia Insurance CompaniesGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 765-9749
  • Progressive InsuranceGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 274-4499
  • QBE Insurance CorporationGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (844) 723-2524
  • RLI CorpClaims Number: (800) 331-4929
  • Sagamore Insurance CompanyClaims Number: (800) 410-3694
  • Scottsdale Insurance CompanyGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 423-7675
  • Stonewood Insurance CompanyClaims Number: (866) 459-1349
  • The HartfordGo to Website (Claims Page)Claim Phone Numbers:Claims Number: (800) 243-5860Auto and Home: (800) 243-5860Business: (800) 327-3636Flood: (800) 759-8656Glass-Only Auto Claims: (800) 892-8484Workers' Compensation Claims: (800) 327-3636
  • UnitedHealthCareClaims Number: (800) 357-0978
  • Unitrin Business InsuranceClaims Number: (888) 291-8290
  • Unitrin SpecialtyGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (888) 253-7834
  • Universal Property and Casualty Insurance CompanyGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 218-3206
  • Unum Life Insurance Company of AmericaGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (866) 679-3054
  • VFISGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 233-1957
  • Zenith Insurance CompanyGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 440-5020
  • Zurich InsuranceGo to Website (Claims Page)Claims Number: (800) 987-3373


What happens if I have a claim?
21st Century Insurance has a Claims Reporting Hotline that is available when you need it, 24 hours ...

What happens to my policy when I get into an accident? Violation?
Contact our claims department immediately to report the loss. You may call toll free 1-888-244-6163...

How much will my premium increase if I have an accident/violation?
Depending on the nature of the accident or violation, your premium may not increase at all. If it d...

If I need to contact a representative at 21st Century Insurance, how would I do that?
For your convenience, we have representatives available during regular business hours in your respect...

What if my car isn't drivable after I am involved in an accident?
If the car is not drivable it will need to be towed. Make sure you get the address of the service ...

I reside in a state that requires my vehicle to be inspected for physical damage coverage, how do I go about getting it done?
If you reside in one of the four states that require your vehicle to be inspected for physical dama...

Should I repair or replace my cracked windshield?
It is our practice to waive your Comprehensive Deductible when you repair your windshield rather th...

When can I expect a check?
Most losses are paid within 7 days of a report. If you wish, we can pay your shop directly. Just te...

Do checks go to the Body shop or the Insured?
On repairable vehicles, the check will be made payable to the insured and lien holder and mailed to...

I have been requested to submit a claim-free letter. What form do I need to complete?
Policies canceled either by the insured's request or for non-payment are routinely reviewed for rei...

What is the difference between an appraiser and an adjuster?
The appraiser is the person who inspects your vehicle for damages. The adjuster, who is also known ...

If I use one of 21st Century Insurance's preferred repair shops, is the work guaranteed?
These shops are pre-approved by 21st Century Insurance and their repair work is guaranteed for as l...

What is an SR-22 (FR-19 in DE, MD)?
This form is required of drivers who have been convicted of a serious violation, involvement in a s...

How do I submit a claim?
To submit an auto claim online, please select the following link, Submit a Claim or call our auto c...

What do I do if I have a windshield claim?
We have a Glass Specialty Unit that can coordinate the repair of your windshield with one of our gl...

How are Glass Claims handled? Windshield Chips?
When you call to report glass breakage, you will be offered a voice prompt to speak directly with o...

Once I have reported the claim, should I get estimates?
When you report the claim, if you have comprehensive/collision coverage for your auto, an appraisal...

What if I have medical coverage on my policy and I am hurt?
When your adjuster calls you, tell them that you have medical bills. The adjuster will handle every...

Do I have a choice of Body Shops?
Yes, you can choose any reputable repair shop to repair your vehicle. We do have preferred repair s...

Can I use any repair shop when I have an accident?
Yes, you can have your vehicle repaired in the facility of your choosing. If you would like assista...

Can I use any repair shop?
Yes, you can have your vehicle repaired in the facility of your choosing. If you would like assista...

Who should I call to determine the status of the appraisal?
Your adjuster is always happy to help you and answer any questions you may have. If you need to con...

What happens after I report a loss?
Your claim is then assigned to a claim representative who will contact you to go over the facts of ...

Does my 21st Century Insurance policy cover me while in Mexico?
Your policy contract does not provide any coverage for losses that occur in Mexico. If you would li...

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If you are convicted of DUI -- Driving Under the Influence, also known as DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) or OUI (Operating Under the Influence) -- you will be facing a number of legal problems, and car insurance issues may be the last thing on your mind.

But, depending on what state you live in and which automobile insurance company you are insured by, you could have problems ranging from having your automobile insurance canceled to the insurance company denying coverage of any personal injury or property damage claims made against you as a result of your DUI.

DUI and DWI Laws

For information on the criminal issues related to a drunk driving charge, see DUI & DWI Laws on our partner site, DrivingLaws.org.

Denial of Coverage

Automobile insurance covers negligence and perhaps even gross negligence or reckless conduct, depending on what your policy says. But no insurance policy covers intentional conduct.

Some automobile insurers like to argue that drinking and driving is intentional conduct that will allow the company to disclaim coverage for damages resulting from a DUI. The insurers argue that the driver intentionally put him or herself in a position to cause the accident -- i.e., the driver intentionally drank alcohol, intentionally got drunk, intentionally drove after getting drunk, and knew or should have known that drinking and driving is extremely dangerous.

If you cause an accident while you are intoxicated, your auto insurer will at least investigate the circumstances of your accident before it agrees to accept liability for damages relating to your accident.

If the insurer takes the position that you acted intentionally to cause the accident, it may refuse to defend you and will deny coverage for damages relating to your accident. This is especially true if you're trying to get coverage for injuries to other drivers and passengers. But if you're just trying to get the insurer to pay for vehicle damage under your collision coverage, the insurer probably cannot deny that claim. 

If your insurer is denying coverage for bodily injury, you would need to hire a lawyer to sue your insurance company and try to force it to accept coverage for the accident. That is an expensive proposition, and is just one more reason to not drink and drive.

Limitation of Coverage

Even if your insurer agrees to defend you for damages relating to your accident, it will still not defend you against a claim of intentional misconduct or pay for damages relating to a charge of intentional misconduct.

As you may know, the majority of personal injury litigation is based on negligence (which means carelessness or the failure to act with reasonable caution). That is because most people and companies do not act intentionally to injure someone. But occasionally someone will cause harm through an intentional act.

Sometimes a lawyer in a personal injury case involving a DUI will add a claim for intentional misconduct against the defendant. If the case goes to trial, and a jury awards the plaintiff damages for the defendant’s intentional misconduct, the defendant’s insurance company will not pay for those damages. The defendant will have to pay for intentional misconduct damages out of his/her own pocket.

Cancellation of Insurance Policy

To an automobile insurance company, a DUI conviction makes an insured driver a bad risk. Why should the carrier insure a bad risk? It is better for the insurer to simply cancel your coverage and be done with you. Still, automobile insurance is highly regulated in most states. Some states will not permit an insurer to cancel your coverage for a DUI. But you should assume that, in any state where an insurer is legally permitted to cancel a driver’s automobile coverage for a DUI conviction, it will do so. (Check out car insurance laws in your state.)

Your Car Insurance Premium Will Go Up

If your insurer cannot cancel your coverage, it will certainly increase your premium drastically after a DUI conviction. And, if your old coverage is cancelled and you have to look for coverage with a new insurer, you should assume that that new insurer will quote you a similarly high -- perhaps prohibitively high -- premium.

How Long Will a DUI Stay on My Record?

The laws differ from state to state, but you should assume that a DUI will stay on your record for at least seven years. Your car insurance premium will be affected for as long as a DUI is on your record.

The bottom line is don’t drink and drive. If you are drinking, don’t drive. If you have been charged with DUI, you should contact a lawyer who specializes in DUI cases immediately.


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