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Hastings direct car insurance tel number

One week car insurance go compareHastings Direct are a refreshingly straight forward insurance provider in the UK. Whilst being one of the fastest growing insurance companies in the UK, historically they used the a variety of phone number prefixes for some of their departments including Car insurance, Bike Insurance, Home and Van insurance. However, our suggested Hasting Direct phone number will be able to get you through to any aspect of their operations, providing a quick and easy way for you to make a claim, take out a new policy or simply ask a question of their customer services team.

If you’re looking for the Hastings Direct phone number, contact their customer services staff now on 0843 538 5208.

Churchill car insurance customer serviceLike many other insurance providers, Hastings Direct have taken steps towards making their phone number as difficult to find as possible – which leads to a variety of problems for policy holders, especially when they need to make a claim. Like Direct line and AXA, the company now prefer for people to manage their account online – which can provide its own problems. However, thanks to our own research, you should be able to call the Hastings Direct contact number with a minimum of fuss and get the answers you need, fast.

Hastings Direct head office address

Hastings Direct plc.
Conquest House
Collington Avenue
TN39 3LW

Hastings Direct phone number opening hours

Compare car insuranceWhile the Hastings Direct contact number may be difficult to find, their customer service opening times can be even more tricky to locate. However, our staff have managed to find the current operating times for their call centres. We recommend you ring between the following hours:

  • Monday: 8am – 6pm
  • Tuesday: 8am – 6pm
  • Wednesday: 8am – 6pm
  • Thursday: 8am – 6pm
  • Friday: 8am – 6pm
  • Saturday: 9am – 5.30pm
  • Sunday: 10am – 5pm

Alternative Hastings Direct contact numbers

Sixt car rental germany insurance and financial servicesAlong with our suggested Hastings Direct phone number (which we constantly monitor to ensure that it connects to the correct teams in each department), we have also collected a range of different contact details for the company. These comprise of freephone, alternative, premium rate and local numbers, giving you the option to choose how you get in touch with them. however, these are often liable to be changed with non notice given – so if you have spotted that one of the following numbers is no longer in use and needs amending, please use our contact us page to get in touch and we will strive to update our listings. Thanks for being a Savvy Caller.

Company Name 0870 / 0871 0844 / 0845 01 / 02 / 03 Freephone Other Information
Auto Windscreens  0844 800 0724  0800 0510410  Hastings Direct insurance Windscreen Claims
Auto Windscreens  0844 800 0724  01246 216301  0800 0510410  Hastings Direct insurance Windscreen Claims
Hastings Direct  0870 600 2626  0800 001066  0870=Renewal Helpline for Motorcycle Insurance
0800=Customer services
Hastings Direct  0870 122 4669  0800 001066  Car insurance
Hastings Direct  0800 001066  Also: 0800 991066
Hastings Direct  0800 991066  New Number for Car Insurance
Old number 0800 001066
Hastings Direct  0870 573 0133  01424 735735  0800 801929  Geographical number is for Customer Services
Hastings Direct  0870 573 0133  0844 800 3844  01424 735735  0800 801929
hastings direct  0844 800 4526  0800 001066
Hastings Direct  0844 561 6034  0800 001066  This number goes to customer services who will transfer the call
hastings direct  0844 561 6034  01424 735735
Hastings direct  0870 573 0133  01424 735700  Finance dept
Hastings Direct  0844 800 4585  01424 735735  landline number to the main switchboard
Hastings Direct  0844 811 4645  0800 991066
Hastings Direct  0844 561 1417  0800 991066  This number is correct, called today 23/12.2010
Hastings Direct  0844 800 0738  01424 748585
Hastings Direct  0844 800 0738  01424 735735
Hastings Direct  0844 561 6049  0844 800 3844  01424 735700  Correct as of 14th April 2011
hastings direct  0844 800 0738  0800 991066
Hastings Direct  0844 800 0738  01424 735735  Geographical no used today (20/07/11) & is correct & answered within a very short period of time.
Hastings Direct  0844 800 4504  01424 735700  Finance Dept
Hastings Direct  0844 879 3033  01424 739315  Some of the other numbers on the site did not work for me – redirected me to the 0844 number. This one did work as of 25th August 2011.
hastings direct  0844 409 9174  0800 001066
Hastings Direct  0844 800 0778  01424 735735  0800 01066
Hastings Direct  0844 800 3844  01424 735735  0800 001066  Called the customer services to ask an insurance question and then asked if they had an alternative number to 0844. The lady gave me both these numbers to get through to customer services.
Hastings Direct  0844 800 3844  01424 735735  0800 001066
Hastings Direct  0844 879 3033  0800 111066
hastings direct  01424 739366  NUMBER FOR INSURANCE RENEWAL
Hastings Direct  0844 879 3033  01424 735779  When I rang 01424 739315 this took me to claims – however the kind gentleman gave me this alternative number, and it worked!
Hastings Direct  0844 800 0738  01424 735735
Hastings Direct  0844 800 4585  01424 735735  Also for 08448000722 and 0844 879 3033
Hastings Direct  0844 879 3018  0800 0159601  I’ve used this 0800 number quite a few times – IT WORKS.
Hastings Direct  0844 800 4598  0800 001066
Hastings Direct  0844 561 1417  01424 735779  This is the number fro claims ask to be put through for other depts.
Hastings Direct  0844 800 0738  01424 735735
Hastings Direct  0844 879 3033  01424 735779  This number worked fine for me today 7.6.12 for customer services
Hastings Direct  0844 800 0738
Hastings Direct  0844 800 0738  0800 001066  Number comes from a renewal quotation paperwork and goes to a multi choice answering service.
Hastings Direct  0844 800 4585  01424 739315  Total Loss Claim Enquiries
Hastings Direct  0844 800 3844  0800 4220929  Verified correct 17 JUL 12.
Hastings Direct  0844 800 3844
Hastings Direct  0844 561 1417  01424 738585  This is the UK number from my insurance policy and I called it fine today (23/7/12)
Hastings Direct  0844 800 0738  0800 0151791  Renew/Cancel
hastings direct  0844 800 3844
HASTINGS DIRECT  0844 879 3103
Hastings Direct  0844 879 3033  0800 111066  New and existing customers
Hastings Direct  0844 800 3844  01424 735735  0800 4220929  Provided by Customer Services 5th Nov 2012
Hastings Direct  0844 800 0738
Hastings Direct  0844 409 9717  car insurance
Hastings Direct  0844 879 3033  01424 739338  As of the 6/3/13 this number for hastings direct’s customer relations worked.they also dropped my £20 default charge.
Hastings direct  0844 800 0738
hastings direct  0844 879 3033
Hastings Direct  0844 800 0738  01424 735735  This is the main switchboard no for Hastings & they will put you through to renewals or claims etc
Hastings Direct  0844 879 3033
Hastings Direct  0844 879 3033  0800 4220930  Hastings Direct Customer Service
hastings direct  0844 561 1417  01424 738585
hastings direct  0844 800 0724
hastings direct  0844 800 3844
hastings direct  0844 879 3033
Hastings Direct  0844 335 0924  01424 738585  This is the claims line – Ask to be put through to customer service
Hastings Direct  0800 4220929  Working as of Oct 2013. New and existing customers quotes and policy amendments.
Hastings Direct  0844 879 3033  01424 735735  Number supplied by Hastings Direct customer services as alternative to 0844 number.
Hastings Direct  0844 800 0738  0800 0151791  Rang to renew policy 14 Feb 2014,after recorded message answered immediately
Hastings Direct  01424 735735  0800 991066  The 01424 number is the switchboard number who will transfer you
Hastings Direct  0844 879 3033  0800 991066  Attempted to use on 14 July 2014 but gave up waiting, ended up emailing customerrelations@hastingsdirect.com for a (hopefully!) quicker response.
Hastings Direct  0844 879 3033  0800 0354801  Customer service. Exactly the same recorded messages
Hastings Direct (Claims)  0844 800 0722  0116 245 3184  Hastings use a third party claims organisation (this number). You need policy number and renewal date.
Hastings Direct / Equity Direct Booking Ltd  0844 800 5516  01206 761234  Call between 0900-1700. The Switchboard will then transfer you to the correct Dept. I.E. Household/Car Insurance etc.
Hastings Direct Insurance  01424 748585  The 01424 748585 number has been discontiunued. Called this number today and got unobtainable tone. The other number 735735 is the alternative to call.
Hastings Direct Insurance  0844 800 2536  0800 0142555
Hastings direct insurance  0844 800 3844  0800 4220929
Hastings Direct Insurance Services  0844 800 3844  01424 735735  0800 001066
Hastings Direct Motorcycle Insurance  0844 800 0778  0800 0142575  Call centre with options. Option 1 is for renewals. Used 23 May 13
Hastings Direct Van Insurance  0844 800 2469  01638 558296  Van insurance renewal
Hastings Direct Windscreen Claims (National Windsc  0844 800 0724  0800 9981305  handles Hastings Direct insurance Windscreen Claims as well as Auto Windscreens above. Not clear how claim allocated to AW or NW (info: Dec 2012)
insure/Hastings direct  0844 879 300  01638 782300  Number given on e-mail on 16 Mar 12. Appears to get through to Insure’s main number for building & vehicle renewal AND customer services recorded message.
People’s Choice  0844 879 3109  01424 735735  Called to decline renewal. Got through to Hastings Direct but the agent can deal with People’s Choice policies too.


Hastings Direct Customer Service Phone Number

0843 658 6897

Impounded car insurance cover

Hastings Direct is a personal insurance broker. To get a quote, call the Hastings Direct phone number. Hastings Direct provides car, van, bike and home insurance. There is also a range of other services available such as breakdown cover, personal accident, substitute vehicle and legal cover.

Other Hastings Direct Contact Numbers:

Hastings Direct Phone Number
Head Office  0843 658 6897
Hastings Direct Complaints  0843 658 6897
Customer Services  0843 658 6897

Hastings Direct Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Customer Service 8:30am-11:30pm, 7 days a week

Hastings Direct Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Hastings Direct, St Georges Tower, 1 St Georges Way, Leicester LE1 1SH

Reasons To Call The Hastings Direct Phone Number

Here are some of the reasons why a customer may want to contact Hastings Direct:

    • To get a quote on insurance
    • To amend an existing policy
    • To change details on your account
    • To renew a policy with Hasting
    • To get in touch with Hastings Direct complaints

How do I cancel my Insurance with Hastings Direct?
How can I add a driver to my Hastings Direct policy?
Where is the Hastings Direct UK Head Office?

Hastings Direct Car Insurance

Hastings Direct provides a car insurance scheme that is rated five stars on Defaqto. Their policies include a comprehensive option, third party fire and theft, or third party online. The company will compare prices from the top insurers in the United Kingdom to make sure you are getting the best deal. It will also give you a half price voucher for MOTs at Halfords Autocentres located around the country and 90 days of insurance for travelling in Europe.

Customers can get a quote from Hastings insurance by calling Hastings Direct car insurance contact number or visiting the company’s official website. If you choose the latter option, you can enter details about you and your car to get an estimated figure. Customers will be able to add certain extras to their policy if necessary including no claims discounts, legal protection, car breakdown cover and personal accident cover.

If two drivers in a household wish to take insurance out from Hastings Direct, they may want to investigate the multi-car deal that the company offers. Existing customers who wish to add another car with Hastings Direct will be eligible for a 10 percent discount on the second vehicle. Meanwhile, new customers will  get 10 percent off both policies. Find out more about the multi-car policy by calling Hastings Direct Customer Services.

Hastings Direct car insurance holders will have access to a dedicated Hastings Direct number. The line is open for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Van Insurance From Hastings Direct

People who regularly use a van for transport will be able to find there different kinds of insurance policies at Hastings Direct. The company can offer cover for personal items up to the value of £250 in the policy. It can also cover in-van entertainment of up to £750, tools worth up to £500 and voluntary excess of £500. In the event of an incident that leaves the van unusable, Hastings Direct will provide a replacement. Windscreen and glass damage will also be covered.

To get a quote from Hastings insurance on van insurance from Hastings Direct, call Hastings customer service number today. You will need to provide some details about you. This includes information about previous criminal convictions, financial difficulty, medical conditions. You will also have to provide some details about the vehicle you are driving so Hastings Direct knows it is not used as a milk float, ice cream van, mobile shop, etc.

More About Hastings Direct Home Insurance

Hastings Direct offers a five star home insurance policy (as rated by Defaqto) that covers homeowners in case of damage, loss or theft. There are several policies that customers can choose from depending on their own circumstances. You can also tailor these policies to include what you might be interested in. These adds-ons can include things like cover for valuable items, keys, accidental damage and items taken away from your home. Call the Hastings Direct number to find out more. You can also speak to the 24-hour helpline listed in your policy documents to make a claim to Hastings Direct claims.

Hastings Motorbike Insurance Info

You can get a quote for motorbike insurance by calling Hastings Direct. It will make sure you are covered for everything from motorbike rescue and repair to foreign usage and No Claim’s Discount security if you are hit by an uninsured driver. You can also get an optional helmet and leathers cover or uninsured loss recovery for an extra price. However, these also come included if you take out Hastings Direct’s premium policy Premier Motorcycle Insurance.

Customers who own more than one bike will also be able to invest in Hastings Direct’s multi-bike insurance policy if they wish to. There may be different options available depending on whether you use your bike, garage it or need it for security measures. You could also include optional add-ons in the policy to tailor the insurance to your needs. These include legal cover, helmet cover, leathers cover and key protection.

Speak to a Hastings customer service representative to find out more information or get a quote. For the 24 hour helpline for Hastings claims, you should refer to the number provided in your policy documentation.


How do I cancel my Insurance with Hastings Direct?

Cancelling policies with Hastings Direct will usually cost you nothing at all. However, sometimes you may incur some charges by cancelling your policy before the policy has ended. To cancel, ring the number above and we will put you in contact with a member of the Hastings Direct customer service team, who will look into cancelling your policy for you.

How can I add a driver to my Hastings Direct policy?

It is free to add people to your Hastings Direct policy, simply ring the number above and ask to add someone onto your policy. A member of the customer service team will help you with your query.

Where is the Hastings Direct UK Head Office?

Hastings Direct, St Georges Tower, 1 St Georges Way, Leicester LE1 1SH

About Hastings Direct

Hastings Direct was launched in 1997 by David Gundlach and Andrew Bowen. Hastings Direct began life as a UK broker providing private car insurance policies. In February 2009, the company was purchased by Insurance Australia Group, presenting an exciting opportunity for the company to develop even further. Hastings Direct is now one of the UK’s largest insurance providers.

The company is known for its mascot, an animated cartoon character called Harry Hastings who is dressed in battle attire from the 1066 Battle Of Hastings. All of the company’s advertising features the character, as well as a jingle that has been recognisable it TV and radio commercials since 2005.

Below you can find one of Hastings Direct’s online video tutorials:


Number Direct is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected to Hastings Direct. The direct contact number for Hastings Direct can be found in the public domain or on their official website.


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Or, just cover the basics with our third party, fire and theft insurance.

Terms and conditions apply.

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