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Insurance compensation for car accidents

How Much Compensation For Car Accident Claims? – 2016-Update

Published on: 22 Jul 2016

If you have been in a car accident that wasn’t your fault and as a result you have been injured then you may be able to claim car accident compensation for the injury sustained along with pain and suffering and out of pocket expenses that you would not have occurred if it wasn’t for the car accident. Our calculator (now updated for 2016 in line with the latest compensation amounts on car accident injury compensation claims) Calculate today.

We are a firm of well established solicitors that have decades of experience working with clients that have been involved in accidents that wasn’t their fault, always ensuring that our clients Aa car insurance advertisementsreceive a service that is next to none so that the compensation they are awarded for their car accident claim is the maximum amount for their injuries.

Unfortunately car accidents happen, according to statistics last year alone there was 186,209 causalities on the road and an astonishing 140,086 personal injuries were reported to the police during 2015, that is why we see the service we provide as absolutely necessary as many people are injured and have their lives disrupted through no fault of their own and have to pay the price for another’s negligence.

What is good to see is that fatal accidents caused by road traffic accidents have fallen from the previous year by 2% and seriously injured has also fell by 3% which is quite reassuring and makes people feel more at ease at travelling on the road.

A Guide to Car Accident Claims Compensation

We offer all potential clients the chance to have their car accident claim evaluated before they decide to make a claim. We offer a free legal consultation so the victim of a road traffic accident can speak freely to a personal injury solicitor and receive free legal advice on how best to move forward with their case with no obligation to appoint us as their lawyer.

We appreciate that road traffic accidents big or small can have different effects on different people so we treat each and every client on an individual basis and always giving 100% effort. We pride ourselves on the fact that we take 99% of all cases on a No Win No Fee agreement as we are confident that we can succeed in most cases that are brought to us.

When a client approaches us to act as their representative on a personal injury case we are always asked to give an estimate of the amount of compensation they are likely to receive. Unfortunately as it seems a straight forward question to some in reality it is very difficult to answer. Each and every car accident claim for personal injury is quite different from the next, no two people’s injuries are ever exactly the same nor their pain and suffering. Victims of personal injury can also claim for out of pocket expenses so that they are put back to the financial position they were in before the car accident occurred.

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  • How Do I Start A Car Accident Claim?
  • What Damages Can Be Claimed For In A Car Accident Compensation Claim?
  • What Is The Average Payout for A Car Accident Claim?
  • How Much Compensation Will I Receive For A Car Accident Claim
  • Will My Car Accident Case Be No Win No Fee?
  • Why Choose Us As Your Claims Service?

What To Do At The Time and Shortly After A Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident is a very serious matter and the right procedures should be taken when involved in any sort of accident on the road.

If you are the driver of the car that has been involved in the accident whether you feel it was your fault or not, you should ensure that you and any passengers you have are not injured. If injuries have been caused it’s important that emergency services are called for.

If it is safe to do so exit your car so that you can make contact with the other road users involved in the accident. It is important to take the details of the drivers of the other vehicles including their name and registration number plate of their car as this information will help in your car accident claim. If there are any disputes or the cars are badly damaged and people are injured it is always wise to call the police so that they can do their investigations.

Always seek medical advice after a car accident even for the slightest pain as it may be something serious.

If the car accident you had was not your fault and you have sustained injuries it is always important to have these injuries checked out no matter how minor. It is always wise to do this if you want to pursue a claim for car accident compensation so that there is medical evidence of the injury.

With personal injury cases it is possible to claim back any expenses incurred so that at no time are you out of pocket and that your financial circumstances are back in tact at the completion of the car accident claim. It is recommended that you keep records of any expenses that are incurred such as travel costs, prescription costs, damage to property etc and will we claim them back for you.

Starting A Car Accident Claim

Starting a personal injury claim for a car accident couldn’t be simpler. We strongly recommend that you appoint your claim to a law firm that specialises in car accident claims as they have the Car loan without insuranceability to ensure that your claim reaches its maximum amount of compensation.

Lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to be able to ensure that each case reaches its potential especially those that we employ. We have solicitors that have decades of experience in all types of road traffic accident cases and work endlessly so that clients are completely happy with the service we provide.

By contacting us you can receive a free consultation, so before entering in to any legal litigation you will know if your car accident claim has winning merits. The free advice we give will give you a better picture on how to move forward with your case.

When calling us we will gather information about the accident. It is important to gather the following information in order for us to process your claim;

  • How the accident happened.
  • Your registration details.
  • Details of the third party.
  • Location of where the accident happened.
  • Don’t worry if the driver fled the scene we may be able to make a claim for you through the MIB (Motor Insurance Bureau).

Once we have the information we can process your car accident claim straight away meaning that you will receive the compensation you deserve at the earliest possible moment.

What Damages Can I Claim For In A Car Accident Compensation Claim?

There are two main areas considered when calculating the amount of damages a person should be awarded in car accident compensation claims and these are;

Special Damages – these damages cover any financial aspects that the claim might warrant. Special damages are there so that the victim of the car accident is not out of pocket so any expenses that are a direct result of the accident can be claimed for and any future expenses.

Special damages cover the following;

  • Travel expenses.
  • Prescription costs.
  • Medical care.
  • Rehabilitation.
  • Loss of earnings, future and past that are directly concerned with the incident and injury Any loss in job opportunities, pensions, job promotions.
  • House hold assistance.
  • Home adaptation.

General Damages – such damages are concerned with the injury itself and how severe it is. The amount of pain and suffering the injury causes is also covered by general damages. A medical expert with be asked to examine you and asked to give a prognosis on the injury, how long it is likely to last for and are there any lasting effects. The medical examiners report will assist when calculating a final compensation amount.

What Is The Average Payout For A Car Accident Claim?

It is difficult to give an average payout for a car accident compensation claim as each person is affected differently in a road traffic accident. Some people are mildly injured while others are seriously hurt. Also people’s personal circumstances are different and will warrant different amounts of special damages.

Giving an estimation especially at the beginning of a claim can be very vague and should never be taken as fact. A more precise estimation can be given when you have been seen by a medical examiner. Once we have a clearer picture of your exact injuries and how long they are likely to last it is then a precise compensation amount can be given.

There are guidelines set out in terms of certain injuries. With a whiplash injury that is estimated to last under 12 months and has caused a certain amount of disruption to normal life then a sum of £2,500 – £3000 is average and is likely to be awarded. However that said in more severe cases with longer lasting effects can result in the amount of compensation being increased.

Sometimes rehabilitation and physiotherapy is required after a road traffic accident and such expenses will also be covered along with outer pocket expenses that have also been incurred.

How Much Compensation Will Be Received For A Car Accident Compensation Claim?

Below is a table of injuries that may be sustained through a car accident and estimated amounts that may be awarded as compensation.

Part of BodyMild-SeriousAmount of CompensationComment - estimates are given depending on the type and severity of the injury.
Head InjuryExtremely Serious£215,000 - £310,000The award bracket is given as an estimate for victims who have suffered severe brain damage and are unresponsive. In what is referred to as a vegetable state.
Head InjurySerious-Moderate£12,500 - £200,00Losing feelings in limbs, mental disability, and or change in impersonality.
Head InjuryMild Injury£1,500 - £9,500Head injuries that have not caused brain damage but still there maybe lasting effects.
Face InjuryExtremely Serious£15,400 - £73,200Scarring and facial disfigurement could warrant this amount of compensation. The severity will determine how much.
Face InjurySerious-Moderate£12,200 - £27,300These compensation estimates cover brakes and fractures to the facial area such as the nose.
Face InjuryMild Injury£1,700 - £12,350Compensation amounts for scarring. Please note women tend to receive larger payouts for scarring than men.
Ear InjuryExtremely Serious£69,100 - £108,500Total loss of hearing due to injury.
Ear InjurySerious-Moderate£22, 300 - £34,500Total hearing loss in one ear. The final amount will depend on how this affects a person.
Ear InjuryMild Injury£4,300 - £37,500This mount of compensation is awarded for earring loss in both or one ear and those that suffer tinnitus as a result of injury or work environment.
Eye InjuryExtremely Serious£81,200 - £205,300To receive maximum amount of compensation loss in both eyes or loss in one eye and some loss of sight in the other.
Eye InjurySerious-Moderate£7,100 - £49,400This amount of compensation is awarded with loss of sight in a single eye or very restricted vision in one eye.
Eye InjuryMild Injury£1,600 - £7,600Problems with vision, pain in the eye or temporary vision loss in an eye.
Back InjuryExtremely Serious£29,750 - £123,300Severe back injuries to the upper or lower part of the back, maybe causing paralysis or any issues relating to the organs within the lower part of the body.
Back InjurySerious-Moderate£30,750 - £8,750This amount of compensation may cover ligament or soft tissue to the back, constant pain and /or discomfort.
Back InjuryMild Injury£350 -£9,850Soft tissue, slipped disc, muscle pain would gain this amount of compensation.
Neck InjuryExtremely Serious£35,500 - £112, 450Neck injuries can be very severe causing problems with movement in different areas of the body. An injury to the neck can cause pain in this area for a lengthy time.
Neck InjurySerious-Moderate£29,600 - £42,300Fractures to the neck, painful when moving, stiffness inability to use full movement of the neck will warrant this type of compensation.
Neck InjuryMild Injury£1,800 - £ 6,200These amounts of compensation are roughly the brackets for whiplash depending on how long it lasts, how painful it is and the long term prognosis.
Shoulder InjuryExtremely Serious£9,500 - £37,00Restriction in movement, limb numbness or paralysis due to injury in the shoulder and neck.
Shoulder InjurySerious-Moderate£6,250 - £9,750Tissue damage to neck that may last for quite a while which restricts movement in the arm and elbow.
Shoulder InjuryMild Injury£350 - £6,700Soft tissue damage that will recover within the year or just over, that causes moderate pain.
Arm InjuryExtremely Serious£74,200 - £227,250Amputation of both full arms will receive the maximum award here. This compensation range also covers the amputation of one arm, or whether the amputation is to be the full or part of the arm. The restrictions this will have in the future are also taken into consideration.
Arm InjurySerious-Moderate£30,100 - £99,750If there is major restriction and disability in one or both arms and causes great pain and suffering.
Arm InjuryMild Injury£4,500 - £30,250This amount is set at this criteria for those who have suffered restriction in movement and/or disability on the arms but will recover.
Elbow InjurySerious-Moderate£29,200 - £42,250Complete restriction in movement of the elbow that has resulted in a disability or that has required surgery.
Elbow InjuryMild Injury£11,400 - £23,900Restriction in the movement of the arm due to injury of the elbow.
Elbow InjuryMild Injury£3,100 - £9,750Mild to moderate injury to the elbow which cause pain but complete movement will still be possible.
Hand InjuryExtremely Serious£46,300 - £151,250This amount of compensation will cover, both hands or one hand amputation or if the hand becomes completely useless.
Hand InjurySerious-Moderate£22,500 - £47,750Disfigurement of fingers and/or are unable to use the hand properly.
Hand InjuryMild Injury£700 - £22,300Fractures, soft tissue damage, cuts and surgery warrants these amounts of compensation.
Wrist InjurySevere - Mild£2,550 - £44,500No wrist function – damage to wrist due to injury but will make a full recovery.
Finger InjurySevere - Mild£375 - £69,330The amputation of one or more fingers – broken finger that has a prognosis of complete recovery.
Leg InjuryExtremely Serious£75,100 - £215,000Amputation of both or one leg will warrant this amount of compensation to be awarded. It will also be taken in to consideration if the leg is amputated above or below the knee.
Leg InjurySerious-Moderate£21,750 - £104,100Injuries sustained to the leg as a result of injury that has caused disability and restriction in movement that may have a life-long prognosis.
Leg InjuryMild Injury£1,800 - £17,900Fracture, brake or soft tissue damage to the leg that has affected the muscle causing great pain and discomfort.
Knee InjuryExtremely Serious£39,700 - £72,970Disability due to injury to the knee, severe damage to muscle, soft tissue and also muscle wastage.
Knee InjurySerious-Moderate£20,250 - £33,200This amount of compensation is awarded to disability that is caused by injury to the knee, muscle damage, cartilage damage and soft tissue damage causing pain and suffering.
Knee InjuryMild Injury£4,750 - £19,600Injury to the knee that is painful but will recover within time so the knee has a full normal working function.
Ankle InjuryMild - Severe£10,300 - £53,100Disfigurement, dislocation, deformation maybe an operation is required – broken or sprained ankle.
AchillesMild - Severe£5,300 - £30,100Muscle has been severely damaged or severed causing restriction and/or disability – weaker ankle muscles.
Foot InjuryExtremely Serious£64,000 - £152,750The amputation of both or one foot will warrant this amount of compensation and how it will affect a person’s life.
Foot InjurySerious-Moderate£18,500 - £52,900Severe injury to both or one foot causing disability, restriction or fractures to the foot.
Foot InjuryMild Injury£5,300 - £11,050Injury to the foot that will recover.
Toe InjurySevere - Mild£4,500 - £43,250Amputation of the big toe or several toes.

*The amounts shown in the table are taken as awards that have been awarded in past cases or as estimates given as guidelines they should never be taken as fact they can be used as a guide only.

As mentioned earlier people are injured differently, no two injuries are exactly the same nor is a person’s pain and suffering. Guidelines are given where certain injuries could fit in to so personal injury solicitors can follow these however special damages are different and these have to be taken in to consideration.

No Win No Fee Car Accident Claims

We deal with 99% of all personal injury compensation cases on a No Win No Fee Basis meaning that victims of car accidents can rest assure that they will not be at any financial risk when pursuing a car accident claim.

It is important that our clients concentrate on getting as much rest as possible so that they can get back to their old self as quickly as possible, that is why we like to do as much of the work as we can with little input from the client.

No Win No Fee is also known as Conditional Fee Agreements (CFA) which are there so that no matter what financial circumstances a person is at they can still make a claim for personal injury if they have been injured through no fault of their own.

No Win No Fee means exactly what it says as long as a person has been truthful about their compensation claim, and if the claim does not succeed then they will not have to pay any monies to either legal side. However, since the law change in April 2013 solicitors fees were capped meaning that to get their full fee if a case wins they now can take up to 25% but no more of the compensation awarded to their client.

All in all this does not put any potential person wanting to make a car accident claim at any financial risk as any fees necessary are taken from the compensation awarded.

Why Choose Us As Your Claims Service?

We are here for the client. Our main aim is to treat each and every client on an individual basis as we feel no client is just a number. We do not make any conclusions about a case until we have all the facts as assumptions can mean vital parts are missed out and clients may lose out.

We fully appreciate that victims of car accidents are affected in all different types of ways and no two injuries and personal circumstances are the same meaning each case should be looked at in its own separate way.

Our personal injury team is dedicated to getting clients the maximum amount of compensation as quick as possible so that they have funds to be able to put their lives back as it was before the accident happened. We work with you so any queries or questions you have we will answer for you. We are a people’s solicitor and are dedicated to giving you the service you deserve for your car accident claim.


If you have suffered an injury in a car accident which was clearly the fault of the other party, you may be entitled to file a compensation claim.

Irrespective of whether you were driving the car, a passenger in the car or a pedestrian hit by the car, you have a right to be compensated for all your medical expenses, lost income, lost potential future income and other related expenses that are directly related to the car accident. How much compensation you can claim will depend on your specific injuries/ circumstances, but you can find more on car accident claim compensation amounts further down the page.

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Cars in group 50 insurance

What Should I Do After A Car Accident?

Doing the following after the car accident will help you create a stronger case so that you can get the maximum compensation for your personal injury claim:

Even if the car damage looks minor and the injuries look like they are very mild and do not require immediate medical treatment, it is still advisable to call the police to the scene of the accident so you can get an official record of everything.

At a later date, when you can, get a copy of the official police report and keep it with you. This report will contain several important details that could help you when filing your claim for compensation successfully. In clear cut cases of where the fault lies, the report may also include the police officer’s opinion of who was responsible for the accident.

Documentation Pertaining To The Car Accident Claim

Make notes about the accident as soon as you are able to. Include as many details as you can, even those that may seem insignificant at the time. You will need to maintain all documentation and receipts that are associated with the accident. This could include:

• Photographs of the vehicle and of the accident scene

• Photographs of your injuries immediately after the accident

• Memos, prescription orders and receipts related to your medical care, including X-Rays and details of visits to the physical therapist, family doctor, emergency room or chiropractor. Make sure the necessary documentation is signed and dated. You do not want it dismissed on a technical error.

• Keep receipts of all miscellaneous costs that you incurred, which were a direct result of the accident – paying for a taxi service, cost of hiring child care or cancelling airline tickets if you were scheduled to travel.

• Letter from your employer verifying your lost work hours and also stating how much income you would have lost.

You should also maintain a daily diary where you record all other details related to the case that cannot otherwise be substantiated with receipts. For example, if you are undergoing treatment at the hospital, write down all details of how you got there and back, what the treatment involved and how long it took as well as the discomfort and pain you had to go through.

Keep a record of your emotional state on most days. Mention all of the difficulties you have to overcome on a daily basis. All of this will help strengthen your case and get you the compensation you deserve especially if you are suffering from long-term effects.

How Much Compensation Can I Claim For A Car Accident Injury?

The amount of compensation you can claim for a car accident injury can vary drastically, as with most types of accident claims. This is simply because realistically not every car accident injury is the same. The best approach to getting an accurate assessment on the amount of compensation you could claim for an injury is to speak with us, or a solicitor of your choosing.

Speaking to us however whether by phone or through our chat feature will help us to determine what injuries and other possible effects you might have suffered from the car accident. Most of our initial calls by phone take around 5 – 10 minutes. We can then more accurately estimate what car accident compensation you could be entitled to, and should you like us to take your car accident claim on (there’s no obligation) we can then proceed further.

Car Accident Claims Calculator

 Although the car accident claims calculator can guide you to how much compensation you can claim for a car accident injury, the figures should be taken as a guide only.

For an more accurate and detailed evaluation of your car accident claim please use the Live Chat feature, phone our solicitors on 0800 6524 881, or you can fill in the Call Back form on the page and we can call you back at a convenient time for you. Most phone calls take on average 5 – 10 minutes. It’s free to call and there is no obligation to start a claim with us.

Part Of Body
How Severe?


*Estimates are based upon the severity of the injury and should be used as a guide only.Start Claim

Average Compensation Claim Amounts

Below is a table that displays the average compensation amounts for various injury claims including car accident claims. The description acts as a guide to show how the different compensation amounts for various areas of the body that have been affected can vary depending on the severity of the injuries.

Part of BodySeverityCompensation AmountComments
Achilles InjuryMild to Severe£5,250 - £30,050Severely damaged or severed muscle that's causing restriction and/or disability to the weaker ankle muscles.
Ankle InjuryMild to Severe£10,250 - £53,050Dislocation, deformation, disfigurement, possibly an operation is needed - sprained or broken ankle.
Arm InjuryExtremely Severe£74,150 - £227,200This range of compensation covers the amputation of both complete arms, the amputation of a single arm, or whether an arm is amputated partially or completely. Future restrictions will also be considered.
Arm InjuryModerate to Severe£30,050 - £99,700For major restriction and disability present in one or both the arms and causes significant pain and suffering.
Arm InjuryMild£4,450 - £30,200The range shown is set for persons who have suffered a restriction in movement and/or disability in the arms but who will recover.
Back InjuryExtremely Severe£29,700 - £123,250Severe injury to the upper or lower back, possibly causing paralysis or any relating issues to organs in the lower parts of the body.
Back InjuryModerate to Severe£8,700 - £30,700This range of compensation amounts might cover ligaments or the soft tissue on the back, any constant pain and /or any discomfort.
Back InjuryMild£300 -
For soft tissue, a slipped disc, any muscle pain would receive this amount of injury compensation.
Ear InjuryExtremely Severe£69,050 - £108,450Complete loss of hearing because of the injury.
Ear InjuryModerate to Severe£22, 250 - £34,450Complete hearing loss in one of the ears. The final compensation amount will depend on how the hearing loss affects the person.
Ear InjuryMild£4,250 - £37,450This range of compensation is awarded for hearing loss in one or both ears and for those that now suffer with tinnitus because of the injury or the work environment.
Elbow InjuryExtremely Severe£29,150 - £42,200Total restriction in elbow movement that has now caused a disability or that has needed surgery.
Elbow InjuryModerate to Severe£11,350 - £23,850Because of the injury to the elbow there is now restriction of movement in the arm.
Elbow InjuryMild£3,050 - £9,700An injury to the elbow that is mild to moderate which now causes pain but total movement will be possible.
Eye InjuryExtremely Severe£81,150 - £205,250Loss of sight in one eye and some loss in the other, or loss of sight in both eyes will receive the maximum compensation.
Eye InjuryModerate to Severe£7,050 - £49,350This range of injury compensation is awarded with very restricted vision in a single eye or loss of sight in one eye.
Eye InjuryMild£1,550 - £7,550Pain in an eye, vision problems or temporary loss of vision in an eye.
Face InjuryExtremely Severe£15,350 - £73,150Facial disfigurement and scarring might warrant somewhere in this range of injury compensation. The severity of the injury shall determine how much compensation is awarded.
Face InjuryModerate to Severe£12,150 - £27,250This compensation range cover fractures and breaks to the facial area, for example the nose.
Face InjuryMild£1,650 - £12,300These amounts cover scarring. Please note that men tend to receive lower compensation than women.
Finger InjuryMild to Severe£370 -
This range covers the amputation of fingers or a broken finger which should mend completely.
Foot InjuryExtremely Severe£64,050 - £152,700This range covers the amputation of one or both feet and how it might affect the persons life.
Foot InjuryModerate to Severe£18,450 - £52,850Severe injury to one or both feet that causes restriction, fractures or disability to the foot.
Foot InjuryMild£5,250 - £11,000Covering injury to a foot that will recover.
Hand InjuryExtremely Severe£46,250 - £151,200This range of compensation amounts shall cover the amputation of one or both hands or if a hand is made completely useless due to the injury.
Hand InjuryModerate to Severe£22,450 - £47,700Unable to use a hand properly and/ or disfigurement to fingers.
Hand InjuryMild£695 -
Soft tissue damage, ractures, cuts and surgery will warrant this range of injury compensation.
Head InjuryExtremely Severe£215,050 - £310,050Victims who are unresponsive due to severe brain damage and are unresponsive or what might be referred to as a vegetative state.
Head InjuryModerate to Severe£12,450 - £200,050Lost feeling in limbs, change in personality and/ or a mental disability.
Head InjuryMild£1,450 - £9,450Head injuries which haven't caused brain damage but might still have lasting effects.
Knee InjuryExtremely Severe£39,650 - £72,920Disability because of a knee injury, major damage to muscles, muscle wastage and soft tissue damage.
Knee InjuryModerate to Severe£20,200 - £33,150Disability because of a knee injury, damage to the muscle, cartilage, soft tissue, that causes pain and suffering.
Knee InjuryMild£4,700 - £19,550A knee injury which is painful but the knee will recover in time so it has a full and normal working function.
Leg InjuryExtremely Severe£75,050 - £214,950Amputation of one or both legs. The compensation range also takes into consideration should the leg have been amputated below or above the knee.
Leg InjurySerious-Moderate£21,700 - £104,050Injuries to the leg which has caused restriction in movement and disability that might have a life long prognosis.
Leg InjuryMild£1,750 - £17,850Leg fractures, brakes or soft tissue damage which has affected the muscle and has caused great pain and discomfort.
Neck InjuryExtremely Severe£35,450 - £112, 400Very severe neck injuries, those causing movement problems to other parts of the body.
Neck InjuryModerate to Severe£29,550 - £42,250Neck fractures, causing pain when moving, causing stiffness and inability to use the full movement of the persons neck.
Neck InjuryMild£1,750 -
£ 6,150
Whiplash type injuries, can depend on the length of time the injury lasts, how painful the injury is and what the long-term prognosis is.
Shoulder InjuryExtremely Severe£9,450 - £36,950Paralysis, limb numbness, restriction in movement because of the injury in the neck and shoulder.
Shoulder InjuryModerate to Severe£6,200 - £9,700Neck tissue damage that might last for a considerable length of time and that restricts the movement in the eersons arm and elbow.
Shoulder InjuryMild£355 -
Damage to soft tissue that should recover within the year or slighly longer, and causes or has caused moderate pain.
Toe InjurySevere - Mild£4,450 - £43,200Covers the amputation of the victims big toe or several other toes.
Wrist InjurySevere - Mild£2,500 - £44,450The wrist isn't able to function because of the injury but the prognosis says the wrist will recover fully.

Why Choose Our Personal Injury Solicitors?

If you are planning on filing a car accident compensation claim, and you should, it is always a good idea to have a solicitor representing you for several reasons.

First and foremost, with a solicitor by your side, the car insurance company will not be so quick to tempt you with a dismal settlement in exchange for dismissing the case.

Many car insurance companies make their money off coercing accident victims into entering a quick settlement instead of dragging the case in court. While this may seem like a good offer at the time, the truth is, what they offer is likely to be far lower than what you are entitled to and what you will eventually get if you file an accident compensation claim.

The Law Society itself has a page here that explains why you should think twice about accepting the first offer you’re made.

Another reason for hiring a personal injury solicitor is that they are experienced and will know exactly how to present your case and what factors to include in the presentation so that you get the highest compensation possible.

With decades of experience in personal injury claims such as car accidents and whiplash claims, our solicitors are experts in No Win No Fee claims. Besides our excellent reputation for our expertise we are a law firm that cares about our clients and provide a service that is second to none.

We provide any potential clients a free initial consultation where they will receive confidential legal advice about the injury claim that you would like to pursue, with absolutely no obligation to assign your claim to us.

Contact us today to start your car accident claim.


Car Accident Compensation - Getting the Settlement You Deserve

Car accident compensation means we are now talking about figuring out the money side of your car accident. If you were injured in a car accident, by another driver, you can ask the other drivers insurance to pay you a cash settlement, OR, if that driver was not insured, you may request this settlement against your own underinsured motorist coverage on your OWN insurance, if you have this coverage.

All the pressure the insurance company is putting on you right after your accident is designed to make you believe something that is not true. There is no rush. Don't allow anyone to pressure you to sign any piece of paper related to this accident without the advice of a personal injury attorney.

I am going to say this a few times because it is so important to your future, do not sign any documentation with the insurance companies in exchange for cash, until you have finished your medical treatment. After you sign a release to close this case, no matter how serious your injuries in the future, you cannot go back for more treatment, or compensation, even if you made a mistake.

Before you go any further, you need to first check the Statute of Limitations for your State. Every State has a set time limit which begins the day of your accident. You do not need to rush, but you need to know when you State requires you to settle your claim with the insurance company or file a lawsuit.

You must do one or the other BEFORE this Statute of Limitations runs out. There is nothing that can be done if you go past this date, your rights to recover anything come to an end.


Injured In An Accident?

FREE Evaluation of your claim...

There is nothing more difficult to write about than car accident compensation. More than anything I want to be able to help you by giving you a formula for what you should expect in fair compensation, but if you keep reading you will see why this would be foolish of me and unfair to you.

First Things First - Negligence

Before the insurance company even begins to consider your car accident compensation, what they are going to pay you, they will consider if you were at fault, and if yes, at what percentage. Make no mistake, the insurance company is highly motivated to find you even slightly at fault as this will significantly reduce any financial compensation you are due.

Again, check your State pages, listed in above paragraph, to determine what formula your State uses to determine fault, and how this determination will affect whether you are entitled to a settlement.

For some States, if you are found even 1% negligent, you are not entitled to any car accident compensation. If you are found to be even partially negligent in your accident, the at-fault insurance company will use this against you to lower or deny you any car accident compensation you might fairly be due.

Dirty Tricks

  • The insurance company is looking to discredit your injury. If they can show you are not as injured as you claim to be, or they can show you should not have been as injured as you claim, they will attempt to use this to reduce what they owe you. How do they do this?
  • Well, first they look at your medical records, did you say similar things to each of your providers? (All providers are required to document your visits). Did you have consistent, competent medical care/are your providers believable? Can they document properly your injury?
  • Did you return to work or sports or other activities which clearly show you were not as injured as you are claiming? The adjuster is looking for these types of actions to discredit you.
  • Did you have a previous injury they can use against you? They will try to find a work or auto accident injury or a weekend warrior injury to attempt to prove you are not injured from this car accident.

Dishonest Insurance Adjusters

  • The at-fault insurance company may also use a software program which has a formula with no basis in reality to figure out your car accident compensation. An excellent Adler Giersch, PS, reports in their new book, From Injury To Action - that when Farmers implemented Colossus - a claim management software program that would take the true actual claim payouts, and REDUCE them by 20% before putting these numbers into Colossus, thereby skewing the entire output of this software by a reduction of 20% for all claims! Do NOT go it alone if you have a serious injury.
  • Keeping the facts from the patient is often a tactic used by insurance companies to keep patients at a disadvantage and to manipulate them into closing their cases before they have completed their injury treatment. The insurance company may not tell you what actual coverage you are entitled to, or may fail to tell you for instance that you can use underinsured motorist on your own insurance if you are not adequately covered by the at-fault driver.
  • Adjusters are notorious for taking advantage of car accident patients. At our injury clinic recently we have had three adjusters who flat out lied to our customers who spoke English as a second language. Our customers thought the insurance adjusters were on their side.
  • One adjuster argued with a patient that she could not have possibly had a concussion from her accident as he played rugby and he had never had a concussion! Seriously! He blatantly lied to her, ignoring her medical records and the ER physician who had diagnosed her with a concussion! His goal was to try to convince her she didnt need treatment, which would create a lower car accident compensation to her when she finished treating. Her attorney set him straight!

Other Car Accident Compensation Factors

  • Some of the many factors which will affect your car accident compensation on your claim - wage loss, your previous medical history, whether you have a long term disability, the visibility of your injury (scarring, disfigurement, or no visible injuries). If you have been injured seriously or disabled, please seek out the help of an attorney to make sure you are fairly compensated for your permanent injury. For help before you contact an attorney, we have prepared this page for you, Deciding if You Need An Attorney
  • While we are on the topic of your car accident compensation, you may wonder what will happen if you have pain in the future you feel is related to this accident? If you close and sign off with the insurance company, any future pain, or issues you have, will NOT be paid for by the insurance. Before you settle you can negotiate with the insurance company to include funds in your settlement for future treatment. If you feel you are going to need a lot of future treatment, please find an attorney to help protect you.

Negotiating Without An Attorney

  • I wanted to tell you about this book briefly before you click on the books sales page. I own this book. I purchased it, read it and applied what the author talks about in the book. Its extremely complete, full of excellent information, worksheets and examples. The book is also very long and can seem a little intimidating when you first open the sales page. However, the table of contents are very complete. The book is written well, and if you want to settle without an attorney, I think you will find good value in the book. It sells for $34.95, the price is slightly buried at the bottom of the page. You get to download the book immediately and start reading it. I printed mine at a local copy store and had it bound as I new I would read it often. You are on the page called car-accident-compensation, its the one with all the states listed, so if you come back to report on the book, look for that page and click on this little box to give me your feedback! How To Settle Your Own Claim
  • Obviously not every case will require an attorney. If you want to negotiate with your insurance companies yourself, this is a small investment, and I think you will get alot out of this book as well. Because personal injury attorneys offer a no charge consultation, you may find this to be a valuable choice to get some feedback and tips before proceeding on your own.
Need to speak to an attorney? Free evaluation of your claim here.

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