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Nl car insurance companies

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InsuranceHotline.com features many of Canada’s most well-known and trusted insurance companies. By providing quotes from such a broad range of providers across multiple product lines, InsuranceHotline.com is able to help consumers find the lowest insurance rates in a way no one broker or agent can.

Below is a list of some of the insurance companies who have their rates available on InsuranceHotline.com.

Young drivers car insurance marmalade boyAviva Canada inc. is one of the leading Property and Casualty insurance groups in Canada, providing home, automobile and business insurance and premier claims service to more than 3 million customers…read more

Car insurance for young soldiers waffenThe Canadian Automobile Association – CAA – is a federation of 9 automotive clubs serving about 5 million members through 130 offices across Canada. CAA provides a wide range of member services and products to improve…read more

Ctp car insurance comparison nswChieftain Insurance, an offering from *Travelers Canada, provides auto and home insurance solutions for Ontarians through independent brokers in the province. Chieftain is the right insurance choice for Ontarians who value quality and simplicity…read more

1 month car insurance under 21Since 1979 Coachman Insurance Company has been an industry leader in non-standard auto insurance. When other insurance companies say ‘No’ because they deem the risk too great, Coachman helps drivers with unfortunate driving histories stay…read more

Flybuys car insuranceEchelon Insurance is a Canadian company that is focused on providing specialty auto insurance products. Echelon supports our auto products with Personal and Commercial lines products to meet the needs of our insured’s…read more

Car insurance quotes for young drivers uk basketballFounded in 1993, Grey Power Insurance Brokers became a leading provider of insurance products to drivers and homeowners aged 50 or older in Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia…read more Car insurance companies like the generalIntact Insurance Company(formerly ING Insurance Company of Canada) is Canada’s largest provider of home, auto and business insurance…read more

Liability insurance car stolenJEVCO Insurance Company was established in 1980, JEVCO has always distinguished itself in the specialized markets of recreational vehicles such as motorcycles, ATV and snowmobiles…read more

Royal sun alliance dubai car insurancePerth Insurance® is part of Economical Insurance®, one of Canada’s leading property and casualty insurers, providing security and support for customers and broker partners…read more

Stroboscope safety car insuranceRoyal & Sun Alliance Canada (“RSA”) is part of the Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Group plc. Dating back to 1710, the Group provides a comprehensive range of insurance and financial services to customers worldwide…read more

Get car insurance quote cheapThe Dominion product, an offering from *Travelers Canada, provides auto and home insurance solutions through independent brokers. Whether it’s recommending the best coverage for your car or home, at Travelers Canada we work hard to get things right…read more

Insurance depot near me used carEconomical Insurance was founded in 1871, Economical Insurance® is one of Canada’s leading property and casualty insurers, providing security and support for our customers and broker partners from coast to coast. Economical services the insurance needs of more than one million customers across the country…read more

Types of car insurance qld australiaWestern Assurance Company is part of the Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Group plc. Dating back to 1710, the Group provides a comprehensive range of insurance and financial services to customers worldwide…read more

Arizona car insurance for high risk driversSquare One Insurance – When it comes to protecting your home, you want an insurance provider that is experienced, trustworthy and financially strong. Enter Square One Insurance…read more

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Auto Insurance in Newfoundland

In Newfoundland and Labrador, auto insurance is available from a wide array of private companies who compete with one another to allow consumers to shop around for a better rate. Newfoundland insurance rates fall among the lower rates in Canada, with the average driver paying $729 per year.

Auto insurance reform in the province in 2004 helped to bring rates down for drivers by mandating a $2500 deductible on pain and suffering payments, along with other changes.

Newfoundland Car Insurance Laws

As in all provinces, Newfoundland and Labrador drivers must carry a legally determined minimum insurance coverage in order to be on the road. These minimum limits ensure that all drivers are financially responsible in the event of an at-fault accident. The current limits for auto insurance in Newfoundland are:

  • $200,000 in liability coverage per accident
  • Uninsured and unidentified motorist coverage

Newfoundland does not require drivers to carry Accident Benefits coverage, but most drivers choose to purchase this coverage, which includes medical payments, disability coverage, and death benefits coverage. Many Newfoundland drivers also choose to increase their liability coverage to limit financial exposure and risk.

Other optional coverage can also be purchased, including comprehensive and collision coverage to protect your vehicle in an at-fault accident or a non-accident scenario such as theft.

Auto Insurance Rating in Newfoundland

Newfoundland’s private insurance companies determine the rate for each driver based on a combination of factors. Among the top factors that go into determining your rate are your driving record including tickets or at-fault accidents, the value of the car you drive as well as the make and model, and your driving habits including the length of your daily commute.

The 2004 auto insurance reform prevents auto insurance companies from denying coverage or increasing rates solely on the basis of any of these factors:

  • Age and gender
  • Age of the vehicle
  • Accidents in which you were not at fault
  • Lapses in insurance except when tied to a license suspension for a violation of traffic laws
  • Previously being refused insurance by another company
  • Being insured with Facility Association

Accident Fault and Claims in Newfoundland

In Newfoundland, the adjusters for the insurance companies involved in the claim will determine who is at fault. Each insurance company uses its own guidelines to come up with a fault determination.

Newfoundland is unusual in Canada in that it has no type of no-fault benefits. The insurance company for the at-fault driver is responsible for paying out on damages to the other driver’s vehicle as well as for injuries. Accident benefits are not a mandatory coverage in Newfoundland, but are available to drivers who choose to add them to their insurance policy.

The handling of claims is governed by insurance regulations; the 2004 reforms helped to reduce the cost of lawsuits, but drivers can still be sued for pain and suffering.

Laws Affecting Drivers in Newfoundland

Newfoundland drivers must follow all of the rules of the road while behind the wheel, including the law requiring mandatory auto insurance. Drivers must prepare to present proof of insurance to law enforcement when pulled over or involved in an accident.

Drivers are required to stop when involved in an accident. A police report must be made if there are injuries or if the damage appears to be in excess of $1000.

Tickets in Newfoundland can affect your auto insurance rates. While insurance companies can each determine what tickets they will charge for and how much the rate increase will be, as a general rule major violations will be more costly than minor ones.

Shopping for Car Insurance in Newfoundland

Online quoting services can help Newfoundland drivers to get multiple quotes from the more than 50 companies offering coverage in the province. Quotes and policies can also be obtained through brokers and agents, or by contacting the insurance company directly.

Insurance companies can determine their own rates for each driver, although they must do so in accordance with the insurance legislation put in place by the government to protect drivers.

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Nearly everybody is a member of the The Royal Dutch Touring Club (ANWB) . The ANWB offers a wide range of services related to roadside assistance and medical and repatriation assistance abroad. For example, legal assistance, information, insurance, and travel related products.

Besides the ANWB, there are a lot of insurance companies expats can choose from. Many factors will decide which company fits your needs the best. Take a look at www.independer.nl/ where you can fill in your data and the website will compare insurance providers, in English, for you.

Always keep in mind that an insurer should give you the right policy, an European accident statement form and a Green Card! Green Cards have not been necessary to drive in the Netherlands since 1972, but it is an easy way to show that you have insurance and the Green Card is internationally recognised. For instance, the Green Card number is often needed while filling in an accident report form.

Most Dutch car insurers offer three kinds of coverage:

  • It is obligatory for all cars in the Netherlands to have at least third party liability auto insurance (wettelijke aansprakelijkheid / WA). Other motor insurance extras such as fire, theft or vandalism is optional.
  • Restricted comprehensive cover offers additional coverage against theft and storm damage inflicted to your vehicle.
  • Comprehensive cover offers coverage against all possible damages inflicted to your vehicle, even self-inflicted (non-intentional) damage.

Insurance companies follow a system of bonus/malus (no claims bonus), which means that those with fewer claims pay less than those who have made more claims. Foreign cars may be insured with Dutch insurers/banks if they are registered or in the process of being registered in the Netherlands.

After choosing your insurance company, you will need the following documents:

  • Driving licence (with a valid date)
  • Passport (with a valid date)
  • The car's registration documents
  • Any relevant customs paperwork, should the car come from outside the EU.

After getting your car insured it is important it’s checked every year. In the Netherlands this is known as the “Algemene Periodieke Keuring or APK” which is a general regular safety inspection. Three years after registration, the first test has to be done. After that it is obligatory to do it every year and it is important that you do it at a RDW-approved garage.

The garage will test multiple points of safety and reliability on the vehicle, from the wheels to the lights etc. If you fail, you will have to get those items repaired, and take the test again.


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