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No licence car insurance

Car ownership is declining, particularly among younger Americans. Many people, especially in urban areas, now prefer to use a car-sharing service or occasionally borrow or rent a car if they need to drive somewhere.

The challenge is that drivers must always have car insurance coverage when they’re behind the wheel. For some drivers, a “nonowner car insurance” policy may be the most economical way to protect themselves and their assets in case of an accident.

These policies typically offer only liability coverage, says Dan Ramsey, an independent insurance agent with Brandt, Ramsey and Associates in Alexandria, Va.

“Nonowner car insurance provides protection for an accident when you’re at fault, so it covers the other driver’s car, but not yours, and the other driver’s injuries, but not yours,” he says.

The policies generally don’t include comprehensive or collision coverage for damage to the car because you don’t own the vehicle. Ramsey says the insurance will cover you in any car you drive during the policy period.

Who needs nonowner car insurance?

People buy nonowner car insurance to make sure they’re insulated from the potentially high financial hit from an at-fault accident, says Steven Visco, president of C.H. Edwards Inc., an insurance agency in Farmingdale, N.Y. “For instance, one client is a wealthy attorney who lives in Manhattan and doesn’t own a car, but he has assets to protect,” Visco says. “He’s renting a place in the Hamptons this summer and will regularly rent a car.”

“This policy offers extra liability protection and is cheaper than buying the liability policy from the rental car company,” he adds. And don’t expect to rely on your credit card because liability coverage is not included in the rental car insurance that cards provide.

You may want to consider nonowner car insurance if you have no car of your own and:

You rent cars often. “If you pay $10 per day for a rental company’s liability coverage and rent cars for 50 or 60 days or more every year, a nonowner insurance policy could be less costly,” Visco says. But you’ll still need to buy the other coverages sold at the rental counter.

You belong to a car-sharing service, such as Zipcar. The service will provide some insurance coverage, but, “If you hurt someone in a car accident, the liability lawsuit is likely to be against both you and the car-sharing company,” says Visco. “You may want to look into protecting your assets from a lawsuit with your own liability coverage.”

You borrow other people’s cars often. When you borrow a car from a friend or a relative, the car owner’s insurance covers you, says Ron Moore, senior product manager for MetLife Auto & Home in Minneapolis. However, if you’re borrowing a car from someone you don’t know well, you may not know if their liability coverage is adequate to protect you.

“If you’re at fault and the other driver’s injuries exceed the car owner’s liability, then you may be stuck paying the bill,” Moore says. That’s where a nonowner policy would help.

You have a problematic driving record. “In Virginia, the state mandates nonowner car insurance coverage for drivers who don’t own a car but have had a major problem driving, such as a DUI or DWI, or some other major violation like driving on a suspended license,” says Ramsey. He adds that the premium for this mandated liability coverage is about $600 for six months.

Usual cost of nonowner car insurance

Nonowner car insurance typically doesn’t carry a deductible, says Moore. Premiums can be very low, based on your driving record and the amount of driving you do, he says.

“Normally the minimum premium is about $250 for six months or even a year,” says Visco. “The premiums are higher for drivers with a bad driving record, and they may not qualify at all.”

Moore says premiums for nonowner car insurance are typically about 50 percent of normal car insurance premiums, but they vary from company to company and state to state.

If you don’t own a car but still drive regularly, you may want to get a nonowner car insurance quote to find out if this coverage is appropriate and affordable for you.

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Secure A No Down Payment Car Insurance At An Affordable Premium Now

Looking to get cheap auto insurance with no down payment? Well, you could be at the right place! We can assist you to find a low cost car insurance policy without requirement of any down payment within minutes of your applying. Take advantage of our specialist help online for finding a no deposit vehicle insurance coverage that fits your budget!

No Down Payment Required for Your Car Insurance, Try Free Quote Now!

Getting A Car Insurance With No Down Payment Online – Why Choose Us?

A number of companies are providing no down payment auto insurance policies these days. But to save time and money during your effort, it could be better if you seek assistance from some reliable and reputed national online car insurance service provider. Such a move could enable you to secure vital local guidance while analyzing various options which could be available at your disposal. By securing our services, you could be helped to locate a no deposit or down payment auto insurance option with a favourable monthly premium payment schedule that is easier to manage and sustain.

Know 4 Ways To Get Car Insurance With No Down Payment At Lower Rates

It could be possible to obtain an easy to afford car insurance no down payment policy by taking the below mentioned aspects into consideration.

  • Talk to your employer – Some insurers offer discounted auto insurance packages to buyers if they are employed with a specific company. Contact your human resource department to know whether such is the case.
  • Compare free quotes – Get free non-binding quotes from at least 3 to 4 different car insurance providers and compare them to identify the right quote for your situation. Find where can you get low down payment auto insurance.
  • Opt for auto pay plan - For paying the premium on your auto insurance no down payment cover, you could consider getting an automatic payment schedule. By doing so, few insurers may agree to reduce down payment or even be ready to provide discounts.
  • Pay premium at one go - It could be possible to save some dollars if you agree to pay the entire annual car coverage premium in a single instalment. Determine the correct premium payment method for you.
Kemper car insurance

Learn How To Get Discounts On Your No Down Payment Car Insurance Online

  • Take steps to improve your driving record as most of the vehicle insurance providers will take that into account while assessing overall risk of granting you low cost car coverage.
  • If you are a college or high school student driver, you can get discount if you have maintained GPA of 3.0 or above on a consistent basis in your academics.
  • You can get car insurance premium rates lowered if you drive less number of miles daily. Insurers do provide discounted auto insurance packages to drivers who drive less miles annually.
  • One way of lowering the cost of getting your car insured is to choose a higher deductible. By raising deductible, you can save money but the coverage may not be extensive.
  • Majority of the companies could be willing to reduce premiums if your car is fitted with safety devices such as burglary or security alarms, side air-bags, anti-brake locking system, etc.
  • Vehicles which are parked in a place where there is night security or properly locked gates with video surveillance could be entitled to receive discounts from some auto insurance companies.
  • If you are nearing retirement, you could indicate that to insurers as you will be required to drive your car less during traffic hours, this will reduce your insurer’s risk.
  • Check with your employer or with a club where you are member if it is possible to get bulk discounts under any agreement between either of them with some insurer.
  • Most of the Insurance providers provide discounts to drivers who have taken course in safety driving from some government approved institutes, so determine your eligibility to get benefitted with the same.

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Research The Cheapest No Deposit Car Insurance Quotes Online Now

You could search for low cost car insurance no deposit quotes online fast, simple and hassle free if you do not have any cash at your disposal to pay for a down payment which most of the conventional auto insurance companies are likely to demand. We may help you to find the cheapest car insurance quotes with no deposit requirement.

Assess Whether You Really Need A Car Insurance With No Deposit

Managing an upfront payment initially for getting cars insured can be difficult for many drivers. Besides, some buyers may not want to pay any deposit for obtaining a car insurance cover. Such people can think of buying an auto insurance policy which does not require payment of deposit. If you get car coverage of this sort, you only need to indicate willingness to pay the premium on a monthly basis. This way your stress may get reduced as no extra funds have to be managed.

Class 1 and 2 insurance cars

5 Easy Steps To Find The Best No Deposit Car Insurance Online Today

Learn How To Get A Low Cost Auto Insurance Quote Without Any Deposit

It is easier to get auto insurance with no deposit than you may think. All you need to do is just follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Gather vehicle details - For providing no deposit vehicle insurance policies, most of the insurers will verify physical status of the car which is to be insured, its past history as well as its usage.
  • Gather personal information-Majority of the companies will require drivers to offer some basic personal information that includes details of past driving history as well as insurance so keep the supporting documents ready.
  • Obtain multiple free proposals - Get free non-binding quotes from at least 3 to 4 different auto insurance no deposit providers with an easy single online application by taking advantage of the fast internet processes.
  • Compare the free quotes secured- To identify the right type of insurer for your specific situation, it could be vital for you to compare the multiple free quotes that you have secured online in detail. 
  • Choose the correct payment plan –You have the option to pay the premium on your no deposit vehicle insurance either in lump sum or in installments; you must decide the best option for your circumstances. 

Know The Benefits Offered By A Car Insurance With No Deposit

By obtaining low cost no deposit car insurance cover, you have the opportunity to get an array of benefits some of which are as follows:

  • A no deposit vehicle insurance coverage will enable you to secure a premium payment plan which is easy to manage and sustain
  • It can be an ideal option for people who have tight monthly budget or less cash at their disposal for paying a lump sum deposit amount.
  • Once a no deposit auto insurance company quotes a monthly premium amount, driver is not required to pay any extra charges for getting his policy activated.
  • There is little need to worry as you do not owe any money on car premium until the due date of the next month and this way there will be no confusion.  
  • Buyer will find it easier to change car insurance no deposit providers if he decides to switch over from his existing insurer.


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