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Protect your bubble rental car insurance reviews

Protect Your Bubble travel insurance prides itself on simplicity and service. The travel benefits of this company’s basic plan are generous, but unfortunately, there is no baggage delay coverage. The medical benefits are good, and the customer service is friendly and available to answer your questions and file claims.

As far as travel benefits are concerned, this holiday travel insurance offers helpful coverage. Protect Your Bubble will reimburse you for nonrefundable expenses if you have to cancel or interrupt your trip for any covered event.

Covered reasons for cancellation and interruption include common carrier delays or cancellations due to adverse weather, labor strikes or mechanical breakdowns; uninhabitable destination accommodations; terrorist acts; jury summons; or documented theft of your passport or visa.

If you compare travel insurance policies, you will find that the cancellation provisions of Protect Your Bubble extend to such things as a requirement that you take an academic exam on a date set after you bought your policy, or death of a service animal that requires your care.

If your trip is delayed for six hours, you qualify for trip-delay coverage up to $500. If you miss a connection by more than three hours or if you lose your baggage, you may be eligible to receive up to $500 for each of those problems.

Unlike many other worldwide travel insurance policies, Protect Your Bubble does not cover baggage delays.

The medical benefits of this travel insurance plan top out at $50,000 for emergency medical treatment, including emergency dental care.

Unfortunately, the amount of emergency medical transportation – only $50,000 – translates into a cheap travel insurance package when compared with the best travel insurance policies on the market. Another drawback to this policy is that it does not offer accidental death and dismemberment coverage if you’re using a common carrier.

You do get $50,000 of rental car coverage as part of the policy with no extra costs.

The customer support from Protect Your Bubble is superb, with a wide variety of services available to policyholders. The website is easy to use, and you can view a policy online quickly and with no trouble.

You can call the company’s service experts any time to get travel advice or help during emergencies. You can get a number of concierge services, including information about immunizations you might need for a particular country, cultural information, referrals to embassies and consulates, data on foreign exchange rates, and even temperature and weather conditions.

The underwriter for the policy is the U.S. branch of Generali, the second-largest insurance group in the world. Each policy comes with a 10-day review period after your purchase, in which you can cancel the policy before your trip and get a full refund.


Protect Your Bubble provides protection against the unexpected inconveniences and dangers of travel. The travel benefits are average when compared to other travel insurance plans. The medical treatment benefits and rental car coverage are solid. If you are seeking affordable travel insurance, Protect Your Bubble may be for you.


Protect Your Bubble is an insurance and extended warranty services provider. The company has stated that the “bubble” in its name is a customer's personal space and the things within it that the customer loves. Protect Your Bubble started out in the United Kingdom in 2008 and expanded to the United States in 2012. It has since expanded into Ireland (2013) and Brazil (2014) and has over one million customers. Its headquarters in the United States is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and it offers phone and email contact options on its website.

Protect Your Bubble's products include a variety of protection and insurance plans that are handled by different companies. As a result, to determine coverage availability, customers must call the contact number related to the insurance product they need and then provide a customer service representative with a ZIP code. New and existing customers can set up protection plans for electronics, tablets, smartphones and appliances. They can also get an identity theft plan. Insurance options include renters, rental car, travel and flight insurance.

Protect Your Bubble claims that it is committed to “putting customers first,” building “long-term relationships” and being “uncomplicated.” It also claims to be committed to making its products easy to understand and buy. New customer reviews seem to support these claims with many noting fast and easy account setup. Yet, the company hasn't received such glowing reviews from all of its many existing customers who filed claims between 2012 and July 2015.

Although Protect Your Bubble currently has an "A-" rating from the Better Business Bureau, it has also received a total of 47 complaints. Two complaints dealt with advertising and sales; two more dealt with deliveries; five complaints dealt with billing and collections; 12 complaints addressed problems with products and services and 26 complaints involved guarantee and warranty issues. Only 13 customers received satisfactory outcomes, and more than half of the total complaints weren't resolved or the BBB didn't hear back from customers about them.

Around the Internet, customer reviews are a mix of positive and negative experiences. Beyond new customer "5-star" reviews, there are a small number of happy existing customers who had wonderful claims experiences and a larger number of customers who experienced poor customer service and/or surprising reasons for claim rejections. Many complained that customer service representatives made costly mistakes. The company also rejected claims because of rules that sales reps didn't initially tell customers. Almost all customers who had bad experiences attempted for weeks or months to get their claims processed and resolved. Many only received the help they needed after they complained online.

In one review, a customer explained how he was told that Protect Your Bubble was rejecting his claim because his broken device was over a year old even though he was originally told that he had three years of coverage. Other reviews outlined how many customers who set up coverage without proving ownership with purchase receipts were told during the claims process that they had to submit those receipts to fulfill claim requirements. Several customers received rejections because sales and customer service agents inputted incorrect information on their accounts or lost customer-submitted documentation.

In closing, Protect Your Bubble appears to have some serious customer service and claims issues that it needs to fix. The comment from one customer who had an excellent claims experience accidentally proved this point in a surprising way: He praised the company and then commented that he couldn't understand why it gets so many complaints. Before you shop for products through Protect Your Bubble, review some of the complaints on the Better Business Bureau's website, the company's Facebook page and Yelp, where 15 reviews resulted in a "2-star" rating, so that you can make an informed decision.


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